Our areas of expertise

CEO’s vision

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Design et innovation

Our in-house creative agency blends the power of imagination with the expertise of materials and technical design to deliver innovative, meaningful and unique solutions.


We have developed a wide range of sourcing capabilities over the globe. All of our manufacturing partners have a specific know-how and have been audited to ensure the highest quality requirements.


In addition to our external sourcing, we also manufacture paperboard and plastic packaging in our own factories in Spain and Benelux to offer responsive, agile, and cost-efficient solutions.

Quality control

Our in-house quality control department monitors production at all stages to safeguard the conformity of products and their alignment with our clients expectations while ensuring rigorous social, regulatory and environmental compliance.


We master the full chain of global logistics and regulatory processes, from our factories to our clients’ warehouses, to guarantee product safety, control of deadlines and environmental footprint.