Inspired by the poetry of everyday life. This theme is simple & cheerful, playing with soft pastel colors. Positive and spontaneous these care-free careers refuse social media’s appetite for self staging. They feel no.




A new way of storytelling daily life through filters, colors and soft, cozy spirit. The perfect prescription for escaping the solitude of ultramodern life.

Allergic to bad vibes and ultra-susceptible to the tensions of a dysfunctional world saturated with fake news, we surround ourselves with emotionally charged objects and clothes to soothe our shocks and traumas.

How to pad body and soul with soft, fluffy materials, fabrics that feel good for us and the planet.


A desire to have an impact on our times, leave a mark on people’s mind. The visionary, intransigent aesthetic in functional. Its lines are sharp, its volumes imposing.

Behind the purity of aesthetic directions lies the joyous inventiveness of bold colors and the forms and attitudes that are reshaping the idea we have of elegance in a transgressive hyper contemporary spirit.


While a new climatic or technological Big Bang is considered a possibility in the coming decade, these Original Explorers dare conceive the idea of a post technological world. These organic survivalists draw their inspiration from endless reserve of ingenuity showed by the first humans. There is an incredibly inventive approach that enhances craftmanship and renews the connection between nature and the hand of man.


Theirs is a desire to WOW! To live life without thinking about tomorrow, revolutionize the codes of opulence and proclaim their status with humor and impertinence.

Draped in the riches and golden stuff of splendor, this festive spirit mocks the calls for austerity, rebels against minimalism and campaigns for uninhibited hedonism…in total contraction to alarmist messages. The accent will be naturally placed on opulent materials and environments and colors with luxurious aura.