2021 Newest Bags collection



The softness of this theme sublimates the daily life with fine lines and singing colors. A thousand miles away from the bad waves and tensions of a world saturated with fake news, these emotionally charged packagings are intended to spare our sensibilities.

A line designed to soothe the body and soul with soft and smooth materials that comfort us, while preserving our planet.


This line, with its imposing volumes and sharp lines, asserts the desire to have an impact on our era. Behind the aesthetic orientations lies the inventiveness of colors, shapes and attitudes that reshape our idea of elegance in a contemporary spirit.


While a new climatic or technological Big Bang is considered a possibility in the next decade, “The Other World” unveils the imagination of the first great explorers and ventures to conceive the idea of a post-technological world. Its survivalist spirit is inspired by the ingenious innovations demonstrated by early humans, highlighting craftsmanship and the connection between nature and the human hand.


Parade is the collection of the last hedonists, those who need their daily dose of wonder and want to live each moment as if it were their last. These epicureans who wear the colors of opulence high and claim it with humor and impertinence.

Draped in opulence and splendor, this festive spirit mocks the calls for austerity, rebels against minimalism and militates for an uninhibited hedonism… in total opposition to alarmist messages. We logically find prestigious materials and colors with a luxurious aura.