Consumers are expecting brands to come up with ever more impactful and memorable unboxing experiences.

The moment of order delivery is an opportunity for brands to expand their narrative from a product to a personalized and immersive experience. A great unboxing experience can generate a lasting impression, build brand loyalty and influence potential customers through social media sharing.

Thanks to our collection of e-commerce products, we offer turnkey solutions to our clients willing to recreate a sense of excitement and discovery through exclusive unboxing experiences at home.

Our goal is to help brands make a lasting impact on their customers by providing the best mix of functionality and aesthetics.


The expandable shipper

In order to fight excess packaging and empty space during transportation, we have patented an innovative expandable shipper: a single box that can be folded in 2 sizes. Easy to transform, our creation is made of FSC®-certified* cardboard and is fully recyclable


Our star pack

Our star pack replaces brown paper or PET fillers to protect small and medium products in transit. Fully made out of FSC®-certified* cardboard in our local spanish factory, this lightweight parcel is fully adaptable to the size of your shipper and will provide a joyful unboxing experience while uplifting the brand equity.


Our luxe-door box

Made from recycled cardboard and paper, our customizable two-doors rigid box is the ideal solution to create a first-class unboxing experience for your hero SKUs. Our luxe-door box can also be used for retail.


Our bento e-commerce structure

Our bento structure includes separators designed to hold products in place and make the unboxing experience seamless. Our modular bento boxes are fully made of FSC®-certified* cardboard and are easy to recycle.


Pouches, gifts and accessories for e-commerce

We have designed light and eco-friendly pouches, gifts and accessories that meet the new demands of e-commerce consumers. Discover our mono-material pouches and our zero-waste reusable furoshiki packaging.


Our turnkey e-commerce line

We believe e-commerce has to be considered as a single holistic experience. Therefore, we have built our own comprehensive turnkey ecommerce line, combining the external cardboard shipper, the inside-pack (which will ensure a luxurious unboxing experience), branded tissue paper, ribbons & stickers, to which you can add any kind of pouch, accessory or gift.

Why should you work with us on
your e-commerce packaging ?


Thanks to our wide range of innovative packaging and personalized accessories, each of our customers can select the element(s) that will make their packaging unique. We also offer a full-service solution to assist our clients in the design and realization of their custom projects.


The unboxing experience goes beyond packaging and every detail counts to seduce your consumers. Our design studio will bring forward innovative concepts, customized interior and exterior packaging, gift ideas, gesture recommendations and unique stagings that will create a lasting impression.


Conscious of the environmental footprint of e-commerce, our collection is relying on a responsible approach with most of our packagings being made of recycled paper and FSC®-certified* cardboard. We offer solutions to reduce empty space during transport and we propose eco-conscious accessories and closing systems for easy reuse or recycling.

* Cosfibel Premium: FSC-C100313; Shopluxe: FSC-C169077; GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565


“We are very proud of our first e-commerce collection: our global offer draws on our range of expertise, from boxes to accessories, to combine design, functionality and product protection, competitiveness and eco-responsibility.”

Elena – Creative director

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