We champion innovation and imagination to create top-of-the-range packaging that will help your products stand out.

The art of packaging design is to find the good balance between functionality and building suspense for the “wow-effect” at reveal. Packagings must endorse your brand identity and actively convey the right message and values.

Thanks to our multi-specialist experience, our in-house design studio and our technical engineering expertise, we master any material, type and shape with the highest levels of creativity, precision and quality.

Our Packs


Cardboard box

Cardboard boxes can be designed in many format – rigid or foldable, round or rectangular, with drawers or hinges – and produced in small quantities or at larger scales.

Cardboard boxes are an eco-friendly option, especially when combined with cardboard inserts for mono-material creations. The choice of materials and their finish will give them a luxurious look and feel.


Wrapped box

Like the cardboard box, the wrapped boxes offers great design freedom and multiple construction possibilities. Dressed in polyurethane or textile, this type of pack requires a know-how close to that of luggage.

More expensive and often used in the world of jewelry, wrapped boxes are ideal for highlighting luxury objects and enhancing their discovery.


Metal box

The metal box is a good choice to combine perceived value and cost efficiency. A true ecological solution, metal boxes are recyclable and reusable, for an average life span of 15 years.

Whether in aluminum or tinplate, whether printed, engraved or embossed, it can be designed in many formats and is a highly appreciated medium for creative design.

For 25 years, our subsidiary dedicated to metal work – Boite Alu – has developed more than 5,000 tools to help you create the metal packaging tailored to your needs.


Lacquered box

The choice of lacquered wood is a luxurious option for your small and medium series of boxes.

Widely used in the jewelry and watchmaking industries, lacquered wood is increasingly popular with cosmetics and spirits brands to magnify products with elegance.


The multi-material box

Often used for ultra-luxury, the multi-material box is ideal for small series and exhibition pieces.

Intricate by nature due to the number of materials, parts and suppliers involved, multi-material boxes require great control over the production chain and stakeholders coordination. Hence Cosfibel is known to be one of the most experienced company in this segment.


Sleeve and folding box

Folding boxes and sleeves are commonly used in the perfumery and wine & spirits industries.

Mainly designed for mass market products, made of paper or recycled and recyclable PET, round or rectangular, folding boxes and sleeves can be easily accessorized with a printed decoration, an embossing or a ribbon.


Eco-designed box

For many years, we have been constantly looking for new materials to offer our customers ever more eco-responsible solutions.

We have developed a rare expertise in the design of premium mono-material boxes. Pulp, FSC®-certified* paper, tin and many others will allow you to combine elegance, luxury and sustainability.

Our Packs creations

We support our clients in the beauty, wine and spirits, delicatessen and lifestyle sectors.

Why should you work with us
on your packaging projects ?


Our in-house design agency is known for its ability to combine limitless creativity, a unique knowledge of technical engineering regarding opening systems and materials, and a great knowledge concerning the feasibility of our creations


We are multi-specialists in packaging and we master a wide range of constructions, manufacturing processes and materials. We also know how to adapt to all project sizes and propose sources of supply all over the world.


We have been developing our technical expertise and cultivating a powerful network of international suppliers for twenty years. The presence of our teams, as close as possible to our factories, allows us to ensure a precise follow-up of the production and rigorous quality control, while the FSC®* certification guarantees the traceability of our wood materials.

* Cosfibel Premium: FSC-C100313; Shopluxe: FSC-C169077; GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565

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“My team’s mission is to create the most creative and innovative packagings in the world to help your brand showcase its uniqueness.”

Vincent, Head of Packaging Design

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