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“Cosfibel is above all a human adventure. We are convinced that our success lies in the strong commitment of our teams: passionate and attentive to our customers, they are true experts and solution providers. Their permanent ambition: to do the beautiful, to do it well and to do good.”

Alain Chevassus – Founder & Chairman & Marie Sermadiras, Exectuive Vice President

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Our corporate culture

We nurture diversity and gather our teams around four fundamental values


We expect our employees and managers to constantly show mutual aid, goodwill and kindness towards their teams and peers.


We trust our teams and offer them a great deal of autonomy from a very young age. There is no autonomy without responsibility.


Giving the best of yourself is an obligation. Thomas Edison already said it: if we do everything we are capable of, we will really surprise ourselves.


Happiness is a choice: we are all responsible for making our work environment a place of fulfillment and building strong, healthy and respectful relationships.

Cosfibel in numbers

We are an impactful team of 230, spread across our international offices and factories but gathered around strong common values and objectives.

Our teams speak the best about us