We connect brands with consumers emotionally and lastingly through a wide range of creative multi-material pack & gift solutions

Packs & gifts are the cornerstones of the customer journey: there are few other moments where the emotional connection between brands and consumers can be so powerful. It is our continuous commitment to seeking best practices and technological improvement that enable us to find creative solutions from multi-material packs to bags, promotional accessories, and from merchandising to e-commerce & influencer marketing solutions.

Our CEO’s vision

«Our main challenge is to understand what makes the identity and uniqueness of a brand in order to design an experience that will dazzle their consumers. By turning this intimacy into a wide range of products and creative solutions, we help our clients to value their offer along the highlights of the year and maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty.»

Alain Chevassus, CEO & Marie Sermadiras, Executive Vice-President

Our new territories

The way people purchase and consume goods has made a huge turn over the past years, especially with the fantastic acceleration of e-commerce and the evolution of customer expectations in terms of brands’ social and environmental engagement. We have worked tirelessly to adapt our offer and rise up at the forefront of this change of paradigm.

E-commerce packaging

Creating a personalised and memorable unboxing experience is now paramount for brands.
Thanks to our collection of e-commerce products, we offer turnkey solutions to our clients willing to recreate a sense of excitement and discovery through exclusive unboxing experiences at home.

Advent calendar

The design, creation and development of advent calendars is a prime example of Cosfibel’s know-how.
At the crossroads of our technical expertise of boxes and the creativity and fantasy of gift design, our creations give the opportunity to our clients to stand apart during the over-crowded Christmas time and make their beloved consumers feel special.

Influencer sets & boxes

Specially designed for celebrities, influencers and journalists, our influencer kits are exclusive collections designed to create a “wow effect” around a product launch or a brand activation campaign.
These small series of high-end tailored boxes, gifts and accessories will be a thundering way of telling your story in the most original way !

CSR Collection

Our CSR collection is the outcome of our teams’ long-running commitment for a more sustainable social and environmental industry. Focused on our creations life cycle, we are constantly searching to reinvent the way packs & gifts have been designed, produced, transported, used and recycled or reused.