Green is the true chic.

Conscious that we are part of an industry that is not inherently social and green, our objective is to take steps towards a more responsible version of ourselves.

For many years, we have been committed to multiplying our activities in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in order to reduce our carbon footprint and fight social inequalities.

Hence, in 2012 we launched our CARES© program (Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sustainability) and we are willing to keep pioneering our industry to build a better future.

Our 4 pillars for
sustainable development


Honesty, transparency and ethics are the fundamental values that we have always been sharing with our collaborators, suppliers, partners and clients. Subsequently fostering loyalty, respect and the quality of human relationships.


We are continuously involved in the training of our suppliers and manufacturing partners to improve their environmental and social impacts. Additionally, we always guide our clients to better understand and measure the impact of their purchases in terms of CSR & sustainability.


We are convinced that change will be stimulated by our creativity, our ability to think out-of-the-box, our continuous R&D investments & our holistic test & learn approach.


CSR is not a trend for Cosfibel, it has been a long-term investment for our teams and partners. Further, we are convinced that the choice of quality materials together with smart design make our products re-usable and last longer : this is our key for sustainable development.

People are at the core
of our CSR policy

Overtime, we have bred forceful social and ethics standards as a guide for our employees, contractors & business partners to endorse.

Health, Safety
& Human rights

Committed to safeguard the health, security and freedom of our employees and of the people manufacturing our products, we are actively fighting slavery, non-regulatory work conditions and any forms of discrimination.

Health, Safety & Human rights

Business integrity
& ethics

Our compliance with regulatory requirements, integrity & ethics conducts our teams towards making decisions aligned with the mission, vision and values of our organization. We have a zero-tolerance policy against bribery, corruption or any type of fraud.



We firmly believe in the power of diversity and we favor social inclusion of underprivileged people. Our favorites partners employ handicapped workers, ex-migrants and fragile or low-income communities. We also favor women-owned companies.


Our future will rely
on sustainability

Above all, we put design, innovation and quality at the center of our sustainable approach. We strongly believe that our priority is to fight waste by designing products that consumers will be able to keep and reuse for a very long time. In addition, our ambition is to continuously optimize and monitor the use of resources along our entire supply chain to reduce our creations’ environmental footprint.



Our R&D engineers actively cooperate with our designers to reduce the size & number of components used in our products and favor mono-material options to optimize our creations’ environmental impact. Our ambition is to always promote packs & gifts with optimized lifecycles.


Innovative materials

Our goal is to continue increasing the eco-material purchases by 20% every year and always recommend the use of recycled, recyclable, renewable and / or certified materials to our clients.



We monitor the environmental and social compliance of our manufacturers by missioning our teams of experts and third-party accredited bodies to roll out audits on-site. Furthermore, we continuously upskill our partners on energy saving & waste programs while co-developing alternative durable production processes with them.



We have increased our level of requirements regarding the selection of our transportation partners to favor the most environmentally-friendly solutions. At comparable size, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 10% each of the past years, reduced air shipments by 25% and doubled up rail transportation.
Take a look at our logistics.


Impact analysis

We have been working on improving our products’ environmental impact estimation and lifecycle analysis in collaboration with Bureau Veritas and third-party softwares. By tracking and monitoring the results and improvements of our CSR actions, we intensify transparency with our clients and the end user of their products.

Our actions to bring sustainability to life

Additionally to our investments to make our supply chain more sustainable, our design teams continuously create eco-collections across all our product range, from boxes to bags and accessories. We also partner with our clients to co-design tailored CSR plans that will empower their pack & gift strategy by supporting the causes they stand for.

Cosfibel Certification and commitments

The traceability of our materials and the whole supply chain are audited and certified by eco-labels. Our designers carry out the best efforts to create products that can comply with their requirements.
Thereupon, your brand can highlight sustainability certifications by displaying the labels’ logos right on your products and reassure your consumers.

* Cosfibel Premium: FSC-C100313; Shopluxe: FSC-C169077; GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565