When the creative force of the imagination meets the innovative power of technical engineering.

Our creative process involves a
combination of design, innovation and R&D

Our ability to innovate has always been fueled by our team of creative designers. The team is composed of marketing and trend experts and graphic and industrial designers, each of whom is specialized in a particular field of expertise: packs, travel goods or accessories.


At the crossroads of art and technical engineering

Coming from the field of industrial design, our team is made up of experts in the creative process who constantly seek inspiration in a rich artistic ground, associated with experts in technical engineering, in the knowledge of materials and their technical features. The quality of our creations will be the outcome of the successful union of shapes and materials, art and technique, imagination and feasibility.


Our in-house design agency

Because creation is at the heart of our DNA, we decided to found our own design agency. Our team of designers creates concepts based on precise strategic analysis, peerless experience and strong insights. They also guarantee the technical follow-up for our clients to make their creations feasible while respecting industrial, budgetary and time constraints.


Collections that inspire our clients

Our creative committee is constantly on the lookout for trends in order to launch new collections and plan the major annual events. Our collections are genuine research laboratories, showcasing products that respond to new habits, and proposing innovative products based on new forms, materials and finishes. Our collections are a great source of inspiration for the marketing departments of our clients who wish to offer their consumers high quality packs, bags, kits and accessories in the shortest timeframe.


Our innovations and our R&D investments

Research is one of the pillars of our creative process: we apply for 3 to 4 patents per year to protect our innovations and creations. Eco-design and new materials, technical inventions, new products, our inventions allow our customers to stand out in their market.

Why should you trust our
design team?

Here are the four pillars making our creative laboratory special :


Our success is based on the marriage of two areas of expertise: artistic creation and technical feasibility. We offer our clients only realistic and feasible solutions that respect their production constraints and budget.


We believe that it is essential to understand and analyze the DNA of the brands we work with and the specificities of their projects from a marketing and logistical point of view. We know how to adapt to their needs and proactively guide them whatever their stage of development.


Our proximity to local markets allows us to detect the latest trends in terms of creation, technological innovation and design, and to assist our clients in their international activations and launches, from China to the USA and the Middle East.


We integrate eco-design principles in each of our developments and we are constantly looking for the best system to combine practicality, performance, elegance and durability.


“ The diversity of our skills and the bridges we continually create between our packaging know-how and our knowledge of textiles make our creations and those of our clients truly unique.”

Vincent – Director of Design and Creation – Pack Division

“ We reinvent the everyday and look « beyond the known » to discover new features, shapes and palettes that will help our clients stand out.”

Elena – Design and Creative Director – Travel Goods and Accessories Division