Our strategic sourcing process and our multi-material expertise will ensure you make the right choice for the best results.

From sourcing to manufacturing

We have developed a wide range of sourcing capabilities over the globe. All of our manufacturing partners have a specific know-how and have been audited to ensure the highest level of quality and answer the most specific requirements.


An in-depth knowledge of the Chinese industrial fabric…

Their production capacity, their reactivity in the development and the modernity of their production tools still make China an unavoidable choice for the confection and the production of your packagings, your kits and bags and your promotional accessories, in particular for the products with strong added value.


… allowed us to identify the best local partners.

Thanks to twenty years of experience in sourcing and monitoring factories locally, we work with a panel of hundreds of audited and reliable suppliers. Their unique know-how and production quality are recognized by our most demanding customers. We remain in constant watch of new products, know-how and materials to challenge ourselves as well as our partners to always go beyond “limits” and do better.


Our knowledge of the Asian industrial landscape.

Over the past twenty years, our field operations have enabled us to discover new regions in Southeast Asia where local know-how is in line with the needs of our industry.This is the case in Cambodia, for example, where we have worked with several local factories to improve their processes and enable their teams to increase their skills in order to offer alternative solutions to China.


The near-import trend

Near-import and local sourcing have become an essential strategic instrument to gain agility. It is a new challenge Cosfibel is proud to address by identifying and training the best factories in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Turkey and the Maghreb to meet our customers’ requirements. We also work hand in hand with local small and medium-sized companies that value their traditional know-how in order to offer « made in France » and « made in Europe » solutions to our customers.


From sourcing to partnership

In order to be at the forefront of the most innovative and eco-responsible manufacturing techniques, we are constantly looking for new factories selected for their unique know-how. Our main strength lies in our presence in the field. Whether they are in France, in the near abroad or in Asia, our teams build dynamic and durable partnerships with a large number of specialized factories. We carry out regular audits to guarantee total compliance with the Cosfibel standards, both in terms of product quality and environmental and social issues.

The strengths of our
sourcing team

Because each of your projects is unique, we create the most appropriate team, made up of a sales tryptic: a salesman, a buyer-developer and, finally, a designer. The complementary nature of their knowledge and business expertise guarantees reliability, proximity and unique creativity for our clients.


Our large network of specialized suppliers allows us to offer a wide range of complementary technical expertise and to implement solutions adapted to each of your projects.


Thanks to our internal teams and a number of specialized agencies, we carry out regular audits of each of our partner suppliers in order to control and certify their compliance with our ethical, social and environmental requirements.


Our buyers and developers put their technical expertise and their thorough knowledge of each of our suppliers at the service of our most demanding customers, thus nourishing our culture of challenge and excellence.


We integrate eco-design principles in each of our developments and we are constantly looking for the best system to combine practicality, performance, elegance and durability.

“ We don’t have suppliers. We only have partners with whom we have been working every day for twenty years to give our best by promoting the values we hold most dear: safety, transparency and ethics.”

Camille, Director of Development and Purchasing department.