Our multimaterial packaging expertise

Multimaterial packaging specialist

As a multi-specialist, our know-how allows us to use and combine an almost infinite number of materials. Therefore, we are able of giving life to the most original creations. Our creative teams and product developers are particularly skilled in working with paper, cardboard, RPET, wood and metal.

We are convinced that eco-responsible materials and mono-material boxes will also become the hits of tomorrow. By using different aspects of each material and playing with its various properties, the single-material pack allows for great creativity and perfectly combines environmental requirements with luxury standards. Paper is a great example: its multiple finishes can replace PET, while the use of embossing and printing will enhance it.

Convinced that the most environmentally-friendly packaging is the one that combines high perceived-value and reusability, we have developed a strong expertise in the work of wood, aluminum and tinplate, three materials that perfectly meet these challenges.

Textiles and materials for travel accessories

It is often the successful combination of shape, material and finish that makes a great design of a bag or a pouch. Textiles, fake leathers, washable papers and other soft materials are fully customisable and can be embellished with laminations, embroidery, weaving or printing.

Synthetic, natural and eco-responsible materials offer a multitude of applications, whether alone or mixed, recycled or virgin. To create a surprise effect, we know how to divert a material to give it an unexpected use, for example by mixing wood and leather for a bag, by creating delicate paper pouches or by developing casein-based buttons.

In order to keep innovating and offer ever more unique creations, we invest in R&D upstream of our collections and develop new techniques that are often pioneer in our industry, such as new coating compositions, the application of grains on originally smooth materials or the use of patented European yarns in knitting or weaving.

Eco-designed materials

Our historical sourcing capabilities allow us to detect and integrate any innovative materials to give them a functional dimension and reinvent the standards of our industry. We offer a wide range of eco-materials and product collections made from these materials for packaging, gifts, bags and promotional accessories.

We develop new, sustainable and sophisticated natural, recycled, recyclable or renewable eco-materials. We also invest in finding alternatives to PET and developing our near-import sourcing. Our teams are committed to an ultra-reasonable use of materials in both volume and number of components.

Finally, the traceability of raw materials has become a major concern for our customers and their consumers. To meet this challenge, we have set up labeled and certified supply chains and processes, such as FSC®* for wood derivatives, GRS® for recycled materials and Max Havelaar for FairTrade. We also help our customers to better understand the impact of their choices by studying the life cycle of our creations and the materials they are made of.

* Cosfibel Premium: FSC-C100313; Shopluxe: FSC-C169077; GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565