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GPA global announces the acquisition of Cosfibel Group

GPA Global (“GPA”) today announced the acquisition of Cosfibel Group (“Cosfibel”), one of the leading players in luxury promotional packaging, luxury gifting and merchandising solutions. Cosfibel and its founder Alain Chevassus are…

Camus Special Dry : Cosfibel revisits the travel flask to honor the Borderies terroir

For wine and spirits brands, packaging is a powerful lever of differentiation in a highly competitive world. Market players and their creative partners must constantly reinvent themselves to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, Camus…
Monomaterial box

New boxes collection Spring/Summer 2023

Between mono-material creations and eco-responsibility, Cosfibel Premium's new Spring/Summer 2023 Boxes collection is composed of 4 singular themes, declined in as many boxes, adaptable to your tastes. Zoom on this collection.Clarity…
eco-responsible design

New accessories collection Spring/Summer 2023

Cosfibel Premium's Spring/Summer 2023 accessories collection expresses a certain freedom, a wide choice of possibilities, reaffirming its commitment to an eco-responsible design approach. This collection is structured around 4 main themes, each…

How customer expectations drive sustainable packaging innovation

After two years of pandemics that have undermined industrial activity and while sustainable development is at the heart of the issues, the pack & gift industry has to reinvent itself. In this context, Cosfibel Group relies on two strong…
washable paper bag

Material focus : washable paper, the rising star of design!

Initially used as a replacement for leather on jeans labels, washable paper has now been diverted for creative purposes, becoming a raw material, particularly used in our «art of gifting» creations.

Cost, supply chain and logistics : stability in times of crisis

How to maintain the same quality of service in an uncertain context?
wine and spirit

Cosfibel Premium creates two unique boxes for Finn Thomson’s core and rare ranges

The legendary tercentenary whisky house has entrusted Cosfibel with the design and production of two boxes

Packaging innovation for a more virtuous pack & gift industry

In an industry that is seeking to reinvent itself, packaging innovation and research & development are at the heart of the issues.

Cosfibel CARES, a player in sustainable, ethical and responsible packaging innovation

Since 2012, Cosfibel Premium, a global supplier of packaging solutions and promotional gifts in the beauty sector, has brought together under the CARES program (Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sustainability) all the actions and…

Cosfibel Group : Appointment of the new CEO

Marie SERMADIRAS, 32, had joined Cosfibel in May 2021, as Executive Vice-President, to prepare her transition to full operational leadership.

Penhaligon’s coffret

For Christmas 2020, Cosfibel creates a coffret for Penhaligon’s