Cosfibel is delighted to share with you its latest innovation, collection, trends… through our mag. For cosmetics and Wine & Spirit industries.

2021 New boxes collection

Our team of experts focuses on accessories to offer the perfect tools to promote your Beauty Routine.

2021 newest bags collection

Innovative and creative expert, Cosfibel is delighted to share our Winter 2021-2022 Collection

‘Forme de luxe’ Award 2020

Cosfibel Premium won the “Formes De Luxe Award 2020” for Paco Rabanne Invictus Limited Edition

Ysl 100% Cardboard collection

Yves Saint Laurent entrusted Cosfibel with the creation of five coffrets 100% cardboard

Alain Chevassus, champion of the “Make and trade” model

The President of Cosfibel pleads in favor of the emergence of medium-sized companies as suppliers for global brands.

CSR Collection

All our Cosfibel bags and pouches collections are CSR-designed. Discover below some of our innovations and developments.

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