Bags, pouches and vanities are the ultimate Gift with purchase case in point!

Travel accessories are multi-purpose, they can be used as a pack and/or as a gift. They are an ideal reusable alternative to traditional packaging and have the ability to durably connect brands with their users. Depending on shape, size and materials, they offer infinite design possibilities.

Our different types of bags and pouches


Bag, pouch and toiletry bag

Already fairly popular in the cosmetic sector, pouches and toiletry bags are also increasingly used in the fashion industry and can be declined in many forms. Made of cotton, mesh or waterproof materials, closed with strings or a zip, these travel items are an ideal creative playground for brands who want to offer an engaging, functional and reusable gift to their consumers.


Vanity and travel case

Stiff alternative to pouches and bags, the vanity case is an ideal solution to showcase and transport beauty or make-up products. Spacious, the vanity case is successful for its handle and multiple compartments which make it easy to carry.



Cotton, linen or jute tote bags, straw bags, sports bags or travel bags, our creations will please your customers on vacation or in their daily lives. Practical and reusable, these accessories are an effective and long-lasting communication support.


Small format

As customer’s needs evolve, gift possibilities are increasing. Cards and passport holders never go out of style, while computer cases, tablet protectors, phone cases and headphone pouches are becoming more and more popular.


Bag for bottle

For several years, bottle bags have been a great success in the wine and spirits sector. The ice bag has become the ideal gift to refresh your wine and champagne bottles, while the knitted pouch or wrap offers multiple possibilities to magnify your bottles on the shelf or on the consumer’s table.


Eco-designed bag

Our priority is to offer our clients solutions that are ever more respectful of the environment and the working conditions of our producers (like the linen and cotton we use that is Max Havelaar Fairtrade certified). We offer a variety of innovative materials and recycled alternatives to traditional textiles and polyurethane. Our collection of paper kits, pouches and bags is a good example of our ability to combine functionality, luxury and sustainability.

Our Bags creations

We support our clients in the beauty, wine and spirits, delicatessen and lifestyle sectors.

Why should you work with us on your
bags, pouches and travel accessories ?


Our team of designers specialized in the creation of bags and luggage is known for the originality of its proposals and its ability to innovate both in the shapes and the choice of materials.


We have been developing our technical expertise and cultivating a powerful network of international suppliers for twenty years. The presence of our teams, as close as possible to our factories, allows us to ensure a precise follow-up of the production and rigorous quality control while our sourcing teams ensure the origin and certification of the selected materials.


Our teams are continually working to ensure the traceability of materials and the manufacturing process in order to respect our ethical, social and environmental guidelines. As such, Max Havelaar gave us certification for our commitment to Fairtrade and GRS for recycled materials. Further, we are constantly looking for new materials and processes to offer responsible and sustainable solutions to our customers.


“My job is to design and create pouches and bags that go beyond their original function: from a gift, they become an authentic object of communication, proud to carry the values of the brand and tell its story, its commitment to society and the environment.”

Karine – Designer, in charge of the development of our CSR bags and travel items collection

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