We offer one of the most diverse and agile range of solutions thanks to our in-house manufacturing capacity and a myriad of specialized factories over the globe.

Discover our factories

In addition to our external sourcing, we also manufacture a wide range of card-based and PET packaging in our three in-house factories in Spain and Belgium. Our wholly-owned manufacturing capacity offers responsive, agile, and cost-efficient solutions.


The combo of make & trade

In order to offer the widest array of possibilities to our clients, we have made the choice to develop the couple “trading-industry”. The geographical proximity between our customers and our factories reflects our desire to engage in near-import and offer “made in Europe” solutions. Our factories complement our historical business of multi-material packaging trader whose sourcing was mainly Asian before becoming international.


Our products

We produce folding boxes, tubes and sleeves made of cardboard or recycled PET for the cosmetics, wine and spirits, delicatessen, pastry and retail industries. In 2020, we opened two semi-automatic production lines dedicated to small and medium series of rigid cardboard boxes.


Three factories, one historical know-how

Our Grumbe factory, north of Barcelona, joined the Cosfibel group in 2000 and is recognized for its 50 years of know-how.
Our two Cartec factories, one on the French-Belgian border and the other in Brussels have been operating for nearly 120 years now.
Historically specialized in the processing of PET materials, our factories have evolved with their time and are transitioning to cardboard.


New and modern equipment

In addition to die-cutting and folding-gluing, our factories are equipped with silk-screen printing and hot stamping machines. We also work in close collaboration with historical partners who complete our offer in offset printing, thermoforming and foam padding.


A commitment to our planet

We have decided to manufacture all our packaging exclusively from recycled or environmentally friendly materials. Cardboard, cellulose acetate, RPET, sugarcane-based bio-PET, our materials are varied and can be adapted to all our customers’ requests. They all are 100% recyclable, certified, and fit perfectly into circular-economies.

The competitive advantage of
our plants

Our European production facilities combine expertise, creativity, efficiency and proximity, in compliance with ISO quality standards including FSC®* environmental labels.


Our European structure is particularly adapted to small and medium-sized series. Its lightness and efficiency allow us to offer flexibility and responsiveness to our customers for their core orders as well as for their replenishment.


Our factories have their own design office composed of model makers, creative designers and technical profiles, to integrate the creative process into the production line in a seamless and consistent way.


Our mastery of PET and cardboard materials along with our experience in trading widens the field of manufacturing possibilities. It allows us to offer the most creative but realistic solutions to our clients.

* Cosfibel Premium: FSC-C100313; Shopluxe: FSC-C169077; GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565


“What our clients like is our proximity: our factories are consumer-centric and have a strong sense of service.”

Fany, Sales Manager of our factories unit