Accessories offer an infinite number of possibilities to treat your clients with creativity and enhance the whole experience.

Accessories are an amazing field of creative expression for brands, they will engage consumers beyond the buying experience and uplift the brand image and the perceived value of a product.

Our different types of accessories


Accessorizing flasks and bottles

Ribbons, charms, caps, stoppers, pins and stickers allow you to dress up bottles of spirits and embellish perfume bottles. As decoration or branding elements, they offer many possibilities to differentiate your products from competitors at a very affordable price.


Gifts in the beauty world

Mirror, hairbrush, glove, soap dish, headband, sponge, brush, jade roller and massage objects, traditional or electric : the possibilities to improve the experience of your customers are endless and can even be found in their CSR version, as can be seen in the resounding success of our reusable make-up remover pads.


Gifts in the wines & spirits world

Accessories related to wines and spirits – decorative objects, ice trays, shakers, measuring glasses, cocktail and mixology kits – are numerous and more and more creative. Our mission is to enrich the brand experience with originality and elegance, at home, in restaurants or in bars.


Towels, bath and fashion accessories

Like clothing and other fashion items, bath, beach and spa textiles – towels, robes or foutas – are great gifts. They can also be sold as a stand-alone product to complement your offer.


Perfume and essential oil diffusers

Home fragrance and essential oil diffusers are now classics in olfactory marketing. These objects combine technicity, design and well-being to offer an original and sensorial experience. These technologies can also be declined in the form of air purifiers or humidifiers.


Stationery gifts

Stationery items are always appreciated as gifts. Like notebooks, agendas and bookmarks, many of them are easy to produce in near-import and favour the use of eco-responsible materials, FSC®-certified* paper or recycled paper.


Umbrellas and lifestyle gifts

Outdoor products are as numerous as they are varied, allowing brands to accompany consumers in their sports practices or in their daily lives. Umbrellas, Yoga mats, skipping ropes, balls, frisbees, caps, padlocks, water bottles are some examples. We also offer a wide range of electronic products such as speakers, external batteries, hard drives, USB sticks or headphones.


Eco-designed accessories

Our priority is to offer our customers ever more environmentally-friendly materials that are responsibly produced, recycled and recyclable. We have also developed a collection of eco-responsible, reusable and sustainable accessories that are very popular with our customers, including our makeup remover pads, water bottles and bentos.

Our Accessories creations

We support our clients in the beauty, wine and spirits, delicatessen and lifestyle sectors.

Why should you work with us on
your promotional accessories ?


We know how to help our customers define the accessories and gifts that will best suit their brand project. We have a wide range of solutions covering all types of products, materials, colors and finishes thanks to our strong network of international suppliers, near-import facilities and made-in-France solutions.


We have been developing our technical expertise and cultivating a powerful network of international suppliers for twenty years. The presence of our teams, as close as possible to our factories, ensures a precise follow-up of the production and rigorous quality control while our sourcing teams guarantee the origin and certification of the selected materials.


Our teams are continually ensuring the traceability of materials and the compliance of the manufacturing process with our ethical, social and environmental guidelines. Further, we are constantly looking for new gift concepts, materials and processes to offer responsible and sustainable solutions to our clients.

* Cosfibel Premium: FSC-C100313; Shopluxe: FSC-C169077; GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565


“Our strength is to understand the challenges of each brand we work with and to create with them the gift that will maximize the value perceived by the end customer within their technical and price constraints.”

Lou – Product developer and purchaser, in charge of accessories and promotional items

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