Quality and security are the founding principles of our value proposition.

Discover our best-in-class quality expectations

Our in-house quality control department monitors production at all stages to safeguard the conformity of our products and their alignment with our clients expectations while ensuring rigorous social, regulatory and environmental compliance.


From project launch…

During the design phase, our teams perform a complete risk analysis in collaboration with one of our quality experts. In a complex and volatile industry, anticipating risks upstream of production allows us to plan preventive actions and define the tests and controls to be implemented throughout the value chain in order to ensure a result that meets our customers’ expectations.


… and at each production stage

In close collaboration with our worldwide network of factories and suppliers, our internal quality control department carries out rigorous monitoring of all stages of production in compliance with regulatory requirements and quality protocols specific to each of our customers. Our presence as close as possible to the factories, particularly in China, where we have our own testing laboratory, offers a very high level of reliability and responsiveness to our partners and customers.

Why should you trust Cosfibel
regarding quality and safety?

Cosfibel is regularly recognized for the quality of its products and its rigorous monitoring of production processes. Within the quality department, more than 10 people – including 8 in the field in China – guarantee an exceptional level of quality every day.


Our local technical engineers work hand in hand with our team of quality inspectors whose stability – with an average of more than six years of seniority – ensures a continuous and consistent level of quality. Our knowledge of regulatory requirements also allows us to support our clients, whatever the type of project.


Thanks to our unique project management methodology, we maintain transparent and dynamic relationships with our clients. This allows us to better understand their technical constraints, quality requirements and potential risk areas. Some of our clients have even asked us to provide them consulting for their internal processes and support them in the development of their defect library.


Rigorous in the selection of our suppliers and committed to their development, our teams monitor production in the factories themselves. Our pragmatic culture on-site allows us to implement preventive or corrective actions within a short timeframe.


“From the proper understanding of our customer’s specifications to the development of the mock-ups, from the definition of risks and of the range of defects to the follow-up of the production, the safety of our products and the quality of our achievements are everyone’s business. Each member of the Cosfibel team feels invested with this responsibility and with our customer satisfaction.”

Richard, Quality Manager