Elegant, innovative and eco-friendly: Box Summer 2024 collection

Cosfibel powered by GPA Global is delighted to unveil its Box Summer 2024 collection, previewed at Luxe Pack Monaco 2023. Immerse yourself in a innovative universe shaped by our creative team.

The collection includes four exceptional models: Trieste, Bahia, Corduba and Kashgar. From the luxurious, customizable box to the wallpaper-effect box, from the card-opening box to the beach hut-inspired one, this collection presents unique designs inspired by 2024 trends.

This creation features a technicality in its opening systems, coming to life and revealing their innovative system. Our in-house creative team has imagined unique closing mechanisms, from a puzzle-shaped lock to an ingenious card-slide closure. Our favorite is the Kashgar box, which closes with a key made from a choice of different materials (leather, wood or metal), offering unique personalization and a luxurious look.

At the heart of this collection stands Cosfibel’s commitment to sustainability, reflected in the meticulous choice of materials. Three of the boxes are made entirely from cellulose (compostable recycled newsprint), underlining our ecological approach. The fourth box combines MDF (a composite material made from recycled wood fibers and resin) with uncoated paper (which requires less chemicals to produce and is easier to recycle), demonstrating our Group’s constant commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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