Cosfibel powered by GPA Global is delighted to unveil its Box Summer 2024 collection, previewed at Luxe Pack Monaco 2023. Immerse yourself in a innovative universe shaped by our creative team.

The collection includes four exceptional models: Trieste, Bahia, Corduba and Kashgar. From the luxurious, customizable box to the wallpaper-effect box, from the card-opening box to the beach hut-inspired one, this collection presents unique designs inspired by 2024 trends.

This creation features a technicality in its opening systems, coming to life and revealing their innovative system. Our in-house creative team has imagined unique closing mechanisms, from a puzzle-shaped lock to an ingenious card-slide closure. Our favorite is the Kashgar box, which closes with a key made from a choice of different materials (leather, wood or metal), offering unique personalization and a luxurious look.

At the heart of this collection stands Cosfibel’s commitment to sustainability, reflected in the meticulous choice of materials. Three of the boxes are made entirely from cellulose (compostable recycled newsprint), underlining our ecological approach. The fourth box combines MDF (a composite material made from recycled wood fibers and resin) with uncoated paper (which requires less chemicals to produce and is easier to recycle), demonstrating our Group’s constant commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Explore Formes de Luxe’s exclusive article for more details on our unique packaging.

Cosfibel powered by GPA Global is proud to announce its active participation, as a founding member, in the “TRaceability Alliance for Sustainable CosmEtics” (TRASCE) consortium, bringing together 15 major companies, brands and suppliers in the cosmetics industry: Chanel, Albéa, Clarins, Cosfibel group powered by GPA Global, Dior, The Estée Lauder Companies, Groupe Pochet, L’Occitane en Provence, L’Oréal, Merck, Neyret, Nuxe, Sensient, Shiseido and Sisley. The creation of TRASCE aims to improve the traceability of supply chains for key components of cosmetics formulas and packaging, notably through the use of a common digital platform. The aim of this unprecedented pooling of strengths, expertise and approaches is to meet 3 fundamental challenges: strengthening collective understanding of supply chains, assessing related social and environmental risks, and determining the actions needed to move towards a more sustainable and resilient model.


More information: consortium TRASCE _Press release_23 january 2024

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Léa Debrand – +33 7 84 57 43 35

During the Innovation Awards ceremony of the Paris Packaging Week, a large audience applauded our founder Alain Chevassus, winner of the “Contribution to the Sector” award. This award recognizes the winner’s sustained dedication, impact and commitment to the packaging industry over the years, and highlights their legacy and lasting impact within the sector.

Indeed, Alain Chevassus is 55-year career in packaging, a true commitment to technological, societal and environmental developments in the sector, and a role of company founder with the launch in 2000 of our group, Cosfibel.




Our Maison Margiela Replica box, developed and designed in collaboration with L’Oréal, wins this year’s innovation awards in the Limited Edition category!

This wooden box, finished in a matt white lacquer, is 100% FSC-certified. A balance between layers of paint, assembly and final finish had to be studied to achieve the brand’s identification codes. A new laser-cutting technique was also developed to meet expectations.

The jury of the Paris Packaging Week underlined the product’s refined aesthetic and the excellence of its execution: “We’re not talking about packaging, but rather a decorative object for the home.”



Technical design: matte white lacquer & laser engraving
100% FSC certified MDF
Mono material (except for the hinges)

For the second consecutive year, we were awarded the Platinum Medal by Ecovadis, the world’s leading recognized provider of CSR assessments. This evaluation, which refers to international standards, focuses on the integration of CSR principles in the actions and practices of companies.

By being included in the top 1% of companies rated by the agency, Cosfibel was rewarded for its CSR assessments in four major areas: Ethics, Environment, Labor & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement.


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Like every year, Cosfibel unveils its new bags & accessories collection for summer. Highly pop-colored and refreshing, this collection is composed of 5 themes, in line with the eco-responsible design approach so dear to Cosfibel.

Precious Delicacy plays with shimmer and reflections in a refined way. We discover a colorful range of silky, satiny pastels in shades of pink, adorning small pouches and accessories for face and hair.
In keeping with our eco-design approach, the majority of this collection is made from 100% RPET satin.

2024 is the year of the Olympic Games, sport and well-being, inspiring Bumper Chic, which combines the sporting imagination with sustainable, comfortable materials.
This two-tone, green and purple collection is pop and cheerful, with materials such as nylon and 100% RPET. Combining sport and eco-responsible design has never been impossible.

Mission reflects a desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. The theme is inspired by raw materials, craftsmanship and primitive architecture.
Navigating between light, neutral tones and darker hues, this collection features small wooden accessories and cotton and polyester pouches, lined with a pretty, summery floral motif.

Precious Delicacy collection

Precious Delicacy

Bumper Chic Collection

Bumper Chic

Mission Collection



Refreshingly acidic tones, hints of citrus… Sunny brings a zest of energy to the heat of summer. Dazzling colors and oversized patterns punctuate this theme.
There’s a small pocket mirror, a pretty stainless steel dish and 100% RPET pouches, in line with Cosfibel’s eco-responsible design approach.

Nomad takes us on a voyage of freedom, with our hands and mind free. Denim, the emblematic material of our work, is washed and overdyed to create soft summery tones of green and pale pink.
A small bag to hang on your belt or an eyewear case to slip onto your handbag strap, all made from 100% recycled cotton.

Sunny Collection


Nomad Collection










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How does the packaging and promotional products industry combine sustainable innovation and luxury codes to breathe new life into an ecosystem that is by nature far from sustainable?

In 2019, the global turnover of the luxury market reached a record high of €1,300 billion. The environmental and societal impact that accompanies these dizzying figures is obviously enormous, pushing the players in the luxury industry towards a rethinking of a model that was previously unmovable. If the idea of making the luxury industry a model of sustainable development seems at first glance utopian, if not impossible, innovative initiatives by the big names in the sector are multiplying, giving rise to a sustainable and ethical shift of unprecedented scope in the sector.

The luxury houses, initiators of the sustainable revolution
Although the luxury sector has been aware for some thirty years of the need to be among the good students of sustainable development in order to continue to exist, ambitious policies in this area really began to emerge at the turn of the 2010s. In 2015, the COP21 and the media coverage of the IPCC report sounded the alarm and launched the race for sustainable innovation among players in the luxury sector.
This race has intensified with the growing expectations of consumers, who want to buy more responsible brands, making luxury houses, the initiators of a sustainable revolution.
Marie Sermadiras, CEO of Cosfibel Group, sums up this dynamic as follows: “The luxury houses, through their outstanding reputation and influence, can initiate an international movement of awareness which, in the long run, can be repeated in other sectors”.

The pack & gift at the heart of this ecological revolution
Marie Sermadiras: “The packaging sector is at the forefront of the industries that have to keep up with these new practices, with a double obligation for its players: to meet the most demanding sustainable constraints while maintaining their raison d’être: creating memorable consumer experiences for luxury brands.
At Cosfibel Group, this adaptation work was launched in 2012, with the creation of the CARES program (Cosfibel Action for Responsible and Ethical Sustainability). Our design, purchasing, innovation, logistics (…) teams are all mobilized to make Cosfibel a leader in the ecological transition of our industry. Among the many initiatives implemented, there are 4 major guidelines of this strategy”.

Working on materials, the starting point for sustainable packaging in the luxury industry
The quality of luxury goods, like their packaging, often depends on the use of rare, expensive raw materials with a high ecological impact. Material research is therefore the very first brick in the building of sustainable luxury.
A telling symbol of this trend, the multi-material box, which is often energy-consuming, not very durable and difficult to recycle, is now less and less popular with the major brands.
Charlotte Lautier-Gaud,  Innovation Director, summarizes: “In packaging, as for luxury items, the codes tend to be reversed: lightness and sobriety guide the creation and shake up traditional codes. Boxes are a very telling example: the demand for single-material creations has never been so strong and is growing every year.

Recycling, in the heart of good practices
With the preservation of ecosystems and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in mind, recycling is now a major challenge to considerably limit the amount of natural resources taken.
Our design team is at the heart of this research process and is doubling its efforts to create products that are increasingly recyclable and/or reusable. The patented single-material closing system of the “Helsinki” box from a Cosfibel collection is a perfect illustration:

Helsinki box
Entirely made of cardboard and paper, up to the patented closing system, this box from our design studio offers a resistance comparable to rigid materials, with a much lower weight, a minimal environmental impact, while being 100% recyclable without prior separation of materials.

The consulting dimension is growing
If awareness has been driven by the major luxury groups, suppliers can also be driving forces of a positive dynamic.
Cosfibel has had a CSR department since its creation in 2001 and has accelerated and centralized all its sustainable initiatives under the CARES (Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sustainability) label since 2012.

This CSR department has notably developed tools that enable our customers to make informed decisions when choosing materials for their projects. Among these tools, the “carbon score ” of an article allows, with a grade from A to D, to visualize at a glance how a material is positioned in comparison to another on a given project. We also conduct full life cycle assessments, a tool that allows for the global and multi-criteria evaluation of environmental impacts, and help our customers implement the best logistical solutions to reduce their emissions.

Nearby imports and local production
The fourth pillar of this sustainable strategy is the relocation of production.


click here to see the original article, page 70 of the Spanish magazine INDUSTRIA COSMÉTICA

Reconciling luxury and environmental responsibility is the challenge that Cosfibel has been taking up since 2012. In the prestigious world of luxury packaging, Cosfibel stands out for its boldness in making environmental protection a pillar of its global strategy, thus affirming its unwavering commitment to the preservation of the planet. This approach is materialized through an innovative vision of packaging, combining innovation and eco-responsible practices.



Venice box

Cosfibel Collection Venice – Wood Box

Single-material packaging to preserve scarce resources
Reducing the use of scarce materials is a real challenge for our company, which we have been able to achieve through the development of various strategies. With the concept of monomaterial, Cosfibel has established itself as the precursor of a virtuous and environmentally friendly production, by eliminating as much as possible the use of superfluous materials, requiring a complex and energy-consuming transformation. To fight against the depletion of scarce resources, our design teams conceive ingenious closing systems, without the addition of third party materials (such as magnets), or favor the use of noble, recyclable and renewable materials, such as wood or paper. Also, aware of the significant environmental impact of the use of single-use plastic, we strive to replace our plastic protections with tissue paper, kraft or unused fabric scraps. In line with our eco-responsible approach, we also encourage our customers to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging in order to collectively contribute to the preservation of the planet. We believe that every action counts and that by choosing our solutions, our customers can make a difference and actively participate in building a more sustainable future for generations to come.



Helsinki box

Cofisbel Collection Helsinki – Monomaterial packaging

Lighter products to reduce CO2 emissions
Using lighter materials than traditional ones to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions was the ingenious idea of Cosfibel’s design team. This radical change quickly paid off in terms of logistics: on a comparable size basis, CO2 emissions were reduced by 10% per year, and air transport was reduced by 25%. Moreover, this evolution fits perfectly with the new essence of luxury. Contemporary luxury is now a true embodiment of refinement, authenticity and quality, and lightweight packaging perfectly matches this new nature.





Channel n°1 : Boîte Alu – Metallic Box

Better sustainability to reduce waste

Reducing the overall environmental footprint of our creations requires first and foremost the design of high quality packaging, which guarantees a long life span. By offering reusable and durable products to its customers, Cosfibel is committed to fight against overconsumption. Through our eco-responsible initiatives, we have convinced some of our customers, like Chanel, to replace some of their packaging with sustainable metal alternatives, minimizing their environmental impact. Finally, concerned about the management of our waste, we managed to cleverly reuse it to create 3950 toys that were distributed to Chinese children suffering from inequalities and disabilities.



Cosfibel thus stands out in the luxury industry for its committed creativity, offering sophisticated packaging where beauty is harmoniously combined with sustainable development.

GPA Global (“GPA”) today announced the acquisition of Cosfibel Group (“Cosfibel”), one of the leading players in luxury promotional packaging, luxury gifting and merchandising solutions.

Cosfibel and its founder Alain Chevassus are renowned for their work with premium and high-luxury brands. From L’Oréal to Chanel, LVMH to Rémy Martin, and Ladurée to Damman, Cosfibel has established itself as one of the world’s most acclaimed luxury packaging and merchandising providers. Based in France, with global service centres in 16 locations, and working across verticals such as beauty and personal care, wine and spirits, and fine foods, Cosfibel boasts an impressive client list of over 70 global brands.

This latest acquisition sees GPA further establish itself as a global leader in luxury packaging and advances GPA’s goal of growing nearshore and onshore manufacturing capabilities. It creates a strong European foothold for GPA through Cosfibel’s key manufacturing facilities in Spain, Portugal and Belgium. This growth in presence is key to GPA’s strategy of helping clients shorten supply chains to increase speed-to-market, de-risk the supply of materials, and reduce carbon emissions.

Adam Melton, CEO of GPA, said: “I’m excited to welcome the Cosfibel team to the GPA family. Cosfibel’s CEO, Marie Sermadiras, is a serial entrepreneur and she has joined GPA’s executive leadership to help further GPA’s expansion in Europe. Our global supply chain and manufacturing capabilities will enable us to better support Cosfibel’s customers and increases our prominence in the beauty and food sector, while furthering our leadership in wine and spirits. Cosfibel has a talented global team and its founder Alain Chevassus will work with us in a senior advisory role.

Alain Chevassus, Cosfibel’s founder and Chairman, added: “GPA is a great match for Cosfibel. I strongly believe this alliance will create a bright future for both our clients and teams.

Marie Sermadiras, Cosfibel’s CEO, explained: “I am delighted to join forces with GPA. This alliance is a clear recognition of the fantastic work our teams have put in to grow and transform our business in a successful and sustainable way despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic. GPA and Cosfibel’s complementary capabilities, creativity, and excellence in execution will enable us to grow even quicker, accelerate our diversification, and foster the transformation of the pack and gift industry.”

The acquisition of Cosfibel is the second major acquisition by GPA with Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (“Ontario Teachers’”) as a shareholder, building on the recent acquisition of California-based Jenco Productions, which established a Teachers’ acquired a co-control stake in GPA in September 2022.

Raju Ruparelia, Senior Managing Director, Private Capital, Asia-Pacific at Ontario Teachers’ said: “We are impressed by Cosfibel’s superior design capabilities and strong reputation in its core markets and industry segments. The combination with GPA will further develop Cosfibel’s well-established European customer network as part of GPA’s strong global platform. Ontario Teachers’ is excited to see GPA continue to execute on its growth strategy by acquiring high-quality assets and partnering with strong management teams.

About GPA Global

GPA Global supports growth by thinking big. Beyond packaging. From design and pack engineering, to supply chain, automation and more, we invest in the capabilities needed to deliver seamless packaging solutions without limits. Across three continents, 38 sites that are strategically positioned to put leading design & material innovation into the hands of our customers. With a strong commitment to protecting people and planet we have been focused on the future since day one adding sustainable materials without increasing costs or using automation to improve production whilst reducing waste, caring for the environment is an investment in the future, and lives at the heart of our business. Co-founded by Tom Wang and Adam Melton in 2007, the company is headquartered in North America and employs 3000+ people globally.

About Ontario Teachers’

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (Ontario Teachers’) is a global investor with net assets of $242.5 billion as at June 30, 2022. We invest in more than 50 countries in a broad array of assets including public and private equities, fixed income, credit, commodities, natural resources, infrastructure, real estate, and venture growth to deliver retirement income for 333,000 working members and pensioners.
With offices in Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, San Francisco, Singapore, and Toronto, our more than 400 investment professionals bring deep expertise in industries ranging from agriculture to artificial intelligence. We are a fully funded defined benefit pension plan and have earned an annual total-fund net return of 9.6% since the plan’s founding in 1990. At Ontario Teachers’, we don’t just invest to make a return, we invest to shape a better future for the teachers we serve, the businesses we back, and the world we live in.

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For wine and spirits brands, packaging is a powerful lever of differentiation in a highly competitive world. Market players and their creative partners must constantly reinvent themselves to stand out from the crowd.

With this in mind, Camus wanted to evoke the great travelers while paying homage to the Borderies, the smallest terroir of Cognac, with a revisited travel flask combining the simplicity of an iconic object with luxury packaging codes.

For this collector’s edition, Cosfibel has created a unique box : a copper-colored tin flask, topped with an aluminum measuring cup. The decoration of the flask takes up the emblematic motif of the Borderies range and proposes a subtle evocation of the world of travel through the dials that recall the image of a compass and the imagination of great explorers.


With a wealth of experience in the development of luxury packaging for the spirits industry, Cosfibel has implemented high precision work to bring this decoration to life : the dials are openworked on the thin layer of tinplate of the flask, a work of goldsmith to avoid breaking the material. Matte and glossy lacquers enhance this unique box, as well as a golden hot stamping. An embossing inside and outside gives relief to the material by creating subtle plays of light.

With its chic flask look, this box offers an elegant and versatile tasting ritual that will delight traveling Cognac lovers as well as design enthusiasts.