Cosfibel Premium creates two unique boxes for Finn Thomson’s core and rare ranges

The legendary tercentenary whisky house has entrusted Cosfibel with the production of two boxes, with an ambitious objective: to reflect Finn Thomson’s historical heritage and the strong values that have forged its prestige: innovation, audacity and creativity.

The brief that Finn & Thomson entrusted to Cosfibel reflects the core identity of the brand : sharing the «uncasking» experience. That timeless moment when the whisky has reached its prime, when the barrel is opened and its contents unlocked forever. wine and spirit

The core and rare ranges packagings play on the subtle evocation of the concept of uncasking, working the metaphor of the barrel through the lines, colours and materials used.

wine and spiritThe core range packaging offers a unique concept of card based tube : a 100% recyclable nonagon tube with a card base, echoing the brand’s iconic 9-sided bottle.

A side for each chapter in the Thomson whisky story, coming together like staves in a cask.

This nonagon concept and the history it carries is also declined in the rare range, an exceptional single casks aged for at least 30 years from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.

This luxurious box is made of MDF (middle density fibers) sublimated by a golden metal ring as an opening and closing system.


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