At Cosfibel Premium we care for the environment, this is why, each box offers eco design solutions.
This collections of five boxes focuses on three themes.


Extra Normal

Inspired by the poetry of everyday life. This theme is simple & cheerful; playing with soft pastel colors.

Positive and spontaneous these care-free careers refuse social media’s appetite for self staging. They feel no need to fantasize about extraordinary as their fantasy recolors everything and makes every day outstanding. Creative simplicity and cheerful caring are their key words, and they find it hard to resist anything that plays on their feel-good streak.


Inspired by south east Asia? Especially Indian craftmanship and patterns. In a subdued color range

Weaving connections between civilizations, these dream wanderers tackle the unknow to reenergize their mindset through the discovery of new lifestyles. They naturally look South-Est Asia whose cross-cultural history has not yet been perverted b y maelstrom of globalization. They are curious and tolerant and open up their bodies, minds and souls to new sensation.


Flashy, joyful and kitch. It plays with bold and colorful patterns, and shows fantastic animals

Bursting with fantasy, joy an enthusiasm, this theme’s rhythm sweeps up everything in its path. Flashy, street-style, pop and kitsch: aesthetics clash and collide in an ambiance that blurs the codes in a mix of styles for radically new take on the urban wardrobe