2021 Newest boxes collection

At Cosfibel Premium, we place the environment at the heart of our approach. With this in mind, we have developed a range of customizable “eco-packaging” solutions for all your projects. This collection of five eco-designed boxes is based on three themes.


Extra Normal

Inspired by the poetry of everyday life, this simple and joyful theme plays with soft pastel colors to reveal a subtle creativity. Positive and spontaneous, these carefree colors turn away from the self-staging exacerbated by social networks. Their innocent fantasy recolors any environment, making every day an exceptional experience.

Simplicity, naturalness and benevolence are the key words of this collection that combines the strength of simplicity with the softness of its pastel tones.


Inspired by Southeast Asia, particularly Indian craftsmanship and tribal motifs, this premium packaging line offers a discreet color palette. These sober and elegant tones offer a powerful resonance to the fantasy of the shapes deployed.

Weaving links between civilizations, these creations offer an escape to the unknown and take us on a journey to discover new ways of life. Drawn from the intercultural history of a region preserved from the great maelstrom of globalization, this range resolutely turns towards the other, conveying values of tolerance, sharing and open-mindedness.


Flashy, joyful and kitsch, this line plays with bold and colorful patterns interwined with fantastic animals. Overflowing with fantasy, joy and enthusiasm, the rhythm of this theme sweeps everything along. Flashy, street-style, pop and kitsch: aesthetics collide and clash to blur the usual codes and propose a radically innovative urban universe.