Eco-responsible luxury : a committed choice by Cosfibel


Reconciling luxury and environmental responsibility is the challenge that Cosfibel has been taking up since 2012. In the prestigious world of luxury packaging, Cosfibel stands out for its boldness in making environmental protection a pillar of its global strategy, thus affirming its unwavering commitment to the preservation of the planet. This approach is materialized through an innovative vision of packaging, combining innovation and eco-responsible practices.



Venice box

Cosfibel Collection Venice – Wood Box

Single-material packaging to preserve scarce resources
Reducing the use of scarce materials is a real challenge for our company, which we have been able to achieve through the development of various strategies. With the concept of monomaterial, Cosfibel has established itself as the precursor of a virtuous and environmentally friendly production, by eliminating as much as possible the use of superfluous materials, requiring a complex and energy-consuming transformation. To fight against the depletion of scarce resources, our design teams conceive ingenious closing systems, without the addition of third party materials (such as magnets), or favor the use of noble, recyclable and renewable materials, such as wood or paper. Also, aware of the significant environmental impact of the use of single-use plastic, we strive to replace our plastic protections with tissue paper, kraft or unused fabric scraps. In line with our eco-responsible approach, we also encourage our customers to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging in order to collectively contribute to the preservation of the planet. We believe that every action counts and that by choosing our solutions, our customers can make a difference and actively participate in building a more sustainable future for generations to come.



Helsinki box

Cofisbel Collection Helsinki – Monomaterial packaging

Lighter products to reduce CO2 emissions
Using lighter materials than traditional ones to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions was the ingenious idea of Cosfibel’s design team. This radical change quickly paid off in terms of logistics: on a comparable size basis, CO2 emissions were reduced by 10% per year, and air transport was reduced by 25%. Moreover, this evolution fits perfectly with the new essence of luxury. Contemporary luxury is now a true embodiment of refinement, authenticity and quality, and lightweight packaging perfectly matches this new nature.





Channel n°1 : Boîte Alu – Metallic Box

Better sustainability to reduce waste

Reducing the overall environmental footprint of our creations requires first and foremost the design of high quality packaging, which guarantees a long life span. By offering reusable and durable products to its customers, Cosfibel is committed to fight against overconsumption. Through our eco-responsible initiatives, we have convinced some of our customers, like Chanel, to replace some of their packaging with sustainable metal alternatives, minimizing their environmental impact. Finally, concerned about the management of our waste, we managed to cleverly reuse it to create 3950 toys that were distributed to Chinese children suffering from inequalities and disabilities.



Cosfibel thus stands out in the luxury industry for its committed creativity, offering sophisticated packaging where beauty is harmoniously combined with sustainable development.