Material focus : washable paper, the rising star of design!

In the pack & gift industry, material innovation is today a fundamental pillar in the race for renewal and differentiation.


At Cosfibel, material engineers and designers work hand in hand to unearth tomorrow’s trends and identify materials that meet the ambitious standards of sustainability and creativity that constitute the group’s DNA. Among these promising innovations, washable paper stands out for its originality and workability. By focusing on this resource early on, Cosfibel is pioneering its use as a design material.

washable paper bag

Washable paper bags, pouches, cases… a new tool for professional packaging

Initially used as a replacement for leather on jeans labels, washable paper has now been diverted for creative purposes, becoming a raw material, particularly used in our «art of gifting» creations.

Its workability (it can be transformed at will: sewing, printing, embossing, etc.), its robustness and its unique feel offer a vast range of possibilities to our designers who have made it a major asset to feed the needs of differentiation and creativity of our customers. The ability of this material to develop a patina over time gives it a natural vintage look that is much appreciated by design teams and clients alike.

Halfway between packaging and bag, washable paper offers a surprising texture: a paper feel, but a tear-proof material, with an appearance similar to that of certain leathers. Its lightness and durability make it a very interesting tool for our designers, which is also ideal for use in a single material design.

Fully washable and very resistant, washable paper offers a lifespan far superior to that of most «competing» materials, and is thus part of a sustainable «upcyclable» logic due to its longevity and its capacity to be transformed or reused.

The binder can be based on natural latex and the paper pulp from which it is made can be produced in sustainably managed forests.

Washable paper, an innovative paper solution for your packagings, bags and wrappings

The latest «Summer 2023» collection by Cosfibel Group’s design studio is a good example of the vast creative scope that washable paper offers.

washable paper bags


This summery-looking bag is made entirely of washable paper (except for the handle).
The seam holds the flap in place discreetly, making it possible to dispense with a zip for equivalent strength. The elegant «ripple» effect of the backcloth is obtained by a debossing process that the washable paper supports perfectly.



washable paper

This creation, also from our Summer 2023 collection, offers a nice range of the different finishing techniques that washable paper allows. We find classic printing (the S and N of SUN) and a «bouclette» embroidery offering a nice relief to the U. The upper tongue is debossed to create this striated effect, the whole is sewn and the handle is obtained by a straight edge cut. This combination of finishing techniques gives rise to a creation that is both elegant and simple, for unrivalled resistance and durability.


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