‘Forme de luxe’ Award 2020

Cosfibel Premium wins the “Formes De Luxe Award 2020” for Paco Rabanne Invictus Limited Edition


To create this soccer-ball shaped coffret made of tin, Cosfibel Premium “pushed the limits” of the metal’s resistance and developed specific tooling.
It required close to 10 successive production operations, from stretching and shaping to the embossing that mimics a ball’s leather stitches. The brand name and logo are debossed, while additional information is screen-printed in black and white.

What’s innovative

The complex production operations required to create the coffret’s soccer-ball shape.

What’s green

The choice of tin for the coffret, for its recyclability.

What the jury said

“A fully recyclable tin coffret without any plastic components, well done! The “seams” designed to resemble leather that are replicated on the metal surface are particularly well executed. While the shape might not encourage reuse, the pack is easily recyclable.”