Eco-friendly packaging : Ysl 100% Cardboard collection

Yves Saint Laurent unveils a 100% cardboard eco-friendly packaging collection developed by Cosfibel

Cosfibel is taking up the challenge of eco-friendly packaging with a 100% cardboard collection custom-designed for Yves Saint Laurent.
Yves Saint Laurent entrusted Cosfibel with the creation of five boxes with a very precise brief: premium packaging made entirely of cardboard, including the patented tray. These coffrets are designed to contain a selection of the brand’s iconic skincare, make-up and perfume products in mini sizes.

Eco-friendly packaging or nothing

No concessions were to be made, as Yves Saint Laurent demanded a collection that was both premium and sustainable.

Built around a rigid frame coated with Brossulin paper printed in matte black, these boxes mark the beginning of a new concept of cardboard trays, developed and patented by Cosfibel. These deep trays incorporate cutout shapes and are clipped into their housing thanks to a slot system. They are then covered with the same paper, perfectly adapted to the products, guaranteeing a structure as solid as if they were made of plastic.

A perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics

Available in five different formats, this new generation of coffrets conveys the brand’s characteristic premium codes while meeting the challenge of sustainable eco-packaging. The boxes reveal various product combinations, including a travel pouch dedicated to the Or Rouge skincare line, and a series of eight mini lipsticks hidden inside drawers. These particularly sophisticated boxes required precise finishing worked by hand.

They also feature a clever flap closure that holds the lid in place without the use of magnets. As for their decoration, the famous logo designed by Cassandre is either hot-stamped or made from gold-colored metal, applied by hand for a beautiful 3D effect.

eco-friendly packaging
With this 100% cardboard collection, Cosfibel reaffirms its unique expertise in eco-design packaging and sustainable materials.