New accessories collection Spring/Summer 2023

Cosfibel Premium’s Spring/Summer 2023 accessories collection expresses a certain freedom, a wide choice of possibilities, reaffirming its commitment to an eco-responsible design approach. This collection is structured around 4 main themes, each of which highlights a current design trend. 


washable paper pouch

Pouch in washable paper and tencel

Harmony :

Harmony is the theme of dreamers by excellence, those who seek to recreate their own way of life, in perfect harmony between rural and urban environments. Neutral colors, an eco-responsible design, close to nature, for a functional and above all, adaptable style.

This theme highlights washable paper, a resistant material made of wood pulp, following Cosfibel’s eco-responsible approach. This material can be worked in different ways (sewing, embossing, printing), allowing multiple creations.


eco-responsible design

Case with flap closure

Clarity :

This monochromatic theme is inspired by the sixties with its straightforward and solid colors. Clarity refers to an anchoring in reality, where we assert ourselves, in search of the perfect balance between abstraction and elegance.

Its main color, fuchsia pink, matches perfectly with the neoprene and recycled jersey worked for this theme, bringing softness and comfort.



eco-responsible design

New format vanity

Celebration :

Celebration brings together those who are willing to live in total cohesion with each other in a multicultural world.

This theme is built around neutral tones and fine points of color that are only seen when you get close. A mix of linen, cotton and polyester with a unique pattern on each piece, imaging the multicultural spirit in a Japanese and aquatic side. A real melting pot, like an ode to tolerance and sharing.


recycled mesh case

Duo of recycled mesh case

Chemical Romance :

It is the theme of the hyper-positive, hyper-sensitive, who want to reinvent romance in their own way. Chemical Romance in 3 words is : pep, colorful, and fresh.

This theme offers vibrant colors with a fuchsia pink that is almost fluorescent, but also blue and yellow, very bright. The materials always have an eco-responsible design : a recycled mesh that brings a certain lightness while keeping a clean structure. The embroidered floral pattern represents the romantic side of this theme.



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