New boxes collection Spring/Summer 2023

Between mono-material creations and eco-responsibility, Cosfibel Premium’s new Spring/Summer 2023 Boxes collection is composed of 4 singular themes, declined in as many boxes, adaptable to your tastes. Zoom on this collection.

Monomaterial box

Monomaterial wood box, made of plywood wrapped with wood veneer

Clarity :

One piece, one color, one concept.
This theme was inspired by the great names of 1960s couture : Courrèges and Cardin, who emphasized pure and refined lines.

Here, we seek a balance between abstraction and elegance, but also between technology and well-being. This theme evokes sobriety, relevance and purity. The Venice box, made of wood only, plays with volume, construction and graphics. Its closing system is patented, without any additional material.


Monomaterial box

Monomaterial & plastic free box, made of paper greyboard & molded paper

Harmony :

This is the theme of dreamers, romantics and lucid, rural 2.0 who want to reenchant their daily life.

The key words of this theme are craftsmanship, charm and eco-positive creations. Harmony is a palette of calm and neutral colors, inspired by plants, fresh and soft.




Monomaterial box

Monomaterial & plastic free box, made of paper

Illusion :

Illusion is the fusion of the real and the artificial, where the world is reconfigured. A sort of third world, halfway between the metaverse and the real. We enter a new reality, a waking dream, filtered by fluorescent colors and bright clouds.

The Helsinki box set plays with colors, shapes, and reliefs to offer a condensed lightness and creativity. Moreover, its closing system does not use any magnets.


Monomaterial box

Monomaterial & plastic free box, made of paper

Celebration :

Authenticity and balance guide Celebration. This theme is informed by primal sensory, cultural treasures and Creole cultures.

The Praïa box fits perfectly into this theme with its jungle motif, colors and earthy, bright and festive tones. Its little extra ? A hidden QR code to add a personalized message or discover information about the product.



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