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2021 Newest boxes collection

We have developed a range of customizable "eco-packaging" solutions for all your projects.
Packaging and merchandising

2021 Newest Bags collection

Innovative and creative expert, Cosfibel is delighted to share our Winter 2021-2022 Collection

‘Forme de luxe’ Award 2020

Cosfibel Premium won the “Formes De Luxe Award 2020” for Paco Rabanne Invictus Limited Edition
yves saint laurent

Eco-friendly packaging : Ysl 100% Cardboard collection

Yves Saint Laurent unveils a 100% cardboard collection developed by Cosfibel
Packaging and merchandising

Alain Chevassus, champion of the “Make and trade” model

The President of Cosfibel pleads in favor of the emergence of medium-sized companies as suppliers for global brands.