At Cosfibel Premium, we place the environment at the heart of our approach. With this in mind, we have developed a range of customizable “eco-packaging” solutions for all your projects. This collection of five eco-designed boxes is based on three themes.


Extra Normal

Inspired by the poetry of everyday life, this simple and joyful theme plays with soft pastel colors to reveal a subtle creativity. Positive and spontaneous, these carefree colors turn away from the self-staging exacerbated by social networks. Their innocent fantasy recolors any environment, making every day an exceptional experience.

Simplicity, naturalness and benevolence are the key words of this collection that combines the strength of simplicity with the softness of its pastel tones.


Inspired by Southeast Asia, particularly Indian craftsmanship and tribal motifs, this premium packaging line offers a discreet color palette. These sober and elegant tones offer a powerful resonance to the fantasy of the shapes deployed.

Weaving links between civilizations, these creations offer an escape to the unknown and take us on a journey to discover new ways of life. Drawn from the intercultural history of a region preserved from the great maelstrom of globalization, this range resolutely turns towards the other, conveying values of tolerance, sharing and open-mindedness.


Flashy, joyful and kitsch, this line plays with bold and colorful patterns interwined with fantastic animals. Overflowing with fantasy, joy and enthusiasm, the rhythm of this theme sweeps everything along. Flashy, street-style, pop and kitsch: aesthetics collide and clash to blur the usual codes and propose a radically innovative urban universe.



The softness of this theme sublimates the daily life with fine lines and singing colors. A thousand miles away from the bad waves and tensions of a world saturated with fake news, these emotionally charged packagings are intended to spare our sensibilities.

A line designed to soothe the body and soul with soft and smooth materials that comfort us, while preserving our planet.


This line, with its imposing volumes and sharp lines, asserts the desire to have an impact on our era. Behind the aesthetic orientations lies the inventiveness of colors, shapes and attitudes that reshape our idea of elegance in a contemporary spirit.


While a new climatic or technological Big Bang is considered a possibility in the next decade, “The Other World” unveils the imagination of the first great explorers and ventures to conceive the idea of a post-technological world. Its survivalist spirit is inspired by the ingenious innovations demonstrated by early humans, highlighting craftsmanship and the connection between nature and the human hand.


Parade is the collection of the last hedonists, those who need their daily dose of wonder and want to live each moment as if it were their last. These epicureans who wear the colors of opulence high and claim it with humor and impertinence.

Draped in opulence and splendor, this festive spirit mocks the calls for austerity, rebels against minimalism and militates for an uninhibited hedonism… in total opposition to alarmist messages. We logically find prestigious materials and colors with a luxurious aura.

Cosfibel Premium wins the “Formes De Luxe Award 2020” for Paco Rabanne Invictus Limited Edition


To create this soccer-ball shaped coffret made of tin, Cosfibel Premium “pushed the limits” of the metal’s resistance and developed specific tooling.
It required close to 10 successive production operations, from stretching and shaping to the embossing that mimics a ball’s leather stitches. The brand name and logo are debossed, while additional information is screen-printed in black and white.

What’s innovative

The complex production operations required to create the coffret’s soccer-ball shape.

What’s green

The choice of tin for the coffret, for its recyclability.

What the jury said

“A fully recyclable tin coffret without any plastic components, well done! The “seams” designed to resemble leather that are replicated on the metal surface are particularly well executed. While the shape might not encourage reuse, the pack is easily recyclable.”

Yves Saint Laurent unveils a 100% cardboard eco-friendly packaging collection developed by Cosfibel

Cosfibel is taking up the challenge of eco-friendly packaging with a 100% cardboard collection custom-designed for Yves Saint Laurent.
Yves Saint Laurent entrusted Cosfibel with the creation of five boxes with a very precise brief: premium packaging made entirely of cardboard, including the patented tray. These coffrets are designed to contain a selection of the brand’s iconic skincare, make-up and perfume products in mini sizes.

Eco-friendly packaging or nothing

No concessions were to be made, as Yves Saint Laurent demanded a collection that was both premium and sustainable.

Built around a rigid frame coated with Brossulin paper printed in matte black, these boxes mark the beginning of a new concept of cardboard trays, developed and patented by Cosfibel. These deep trays incorporate cutout shapes and are clipped into their housing thanks to a slot system. They are then covered with the same paper, perfectly adapted to the products, guaranteeing a structure as solid as if they were made of plastic.

A perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics

Available in five different formats, this new generation of coffrets conveys the brand’s characteristic premium codes while meeting the challenge of sustainable eco-packaging. The boxes reveal various product combinations, including a travel pouch dedicated to the Or Rouge skincare line, and a series of eight mini lipsticks hidden inside drawers. These particularly sophisticated boxes required precise finishing worked by hand.

They also feature a clever flap closure that holds the lid in place without the use of magnets. As for their decoration, the famous logo designed by Cassandre is either hot-stamped or made from gold-colored metal, applied by hand for a beautiful 3D effect.

eco-friendly packaging
With this 100% cardboard collection, Cosfibel reaffirms its unique expertise in eco-design packaging and sustainable materials.

The President of Cosfibel pleads in favor of the emergence of medium-sized companies as suppliers for global brands.

Alain Chevassus appreciates the real value of the 100 billion € stimulus Plan presented by Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday September 3. Starting with the support measures towards companies to help them with the “digital transition.”

According to the Chairman of Cosfibel- a packaging and promotional objects specialist with sales of $83 million in 2019 – only powerful IT capabilities can allow a supplier today to cater to the increasingly complex demands of the major prestige brands with their global presence. These complexities are manifold.

First of all, in terms of offer, the launch of a luxury product involves a range of different elements, from shopping bags to gift boxes including makeup bags, ribbons and other goodies.

Second, in terms of geography, global brands adapt their offer to different markets according to language and consumption habits.

Third, in terms of product lines, a single order can include a hundred units for a box and hundreds of thousands of bags.

Fourth, in terms of production, it is difficult for suppliers to own all the different machines needed for manufacturing and decorating and to remain competitive.

And last but not least, in terms of materials, on this subject, Alain Chevassus is particularly sharp, saying he is scandalized by “plastic bashing,” and speaks very strongly about the “exemplary virtues of rPET, or recycled polyethylene terephthalate.”

Federating expertise

True to his convictions, Alain Chevassus has made “make and trade” the cornerstone of a group built as a federation of different capabilities. As such, an exclusive agreement with La Soie provides an offer in textiles while a partnership with HPC reinforces the company’s injected plastic packaging offer.

In cardboard, the company has a similar agreement with Tendero, and again in textiles, with Tissages De Charlieu. “We manufacture and source according to our needs. Managed by a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), our IT tools are essential to precisely coordinate orders, production and deliveries.

Being able to optimize a container being shipped from China is one part of this. In order to manage the flow of products, our project managers are generalists who rely on the skills of specialists with their sometimes very technical and essential knowledge” explains Chevassus, who is a firm believer in the emergence of medium-sized, multi-specialist companies. “The value of a company is linked to the stability of its teams and their expertise,” he says.

The executive is always on the lookout for targeted acquisitions in order to reach “critical mass.” It is necessary to be big enough to evolve on global markets, but not too big to remain flexible towards luxury giants, with a smart combination of human know-how and new technologies.

Solid partners

Very different from the traditional margins of consumer products, the added value of a luxury packaging item is very high.

“The analogy with the automotive industry is very relevant. The big brands are assembly specialists, and the packaging manufacturers are OEMs who supply complete semi-assembled parts. It is vital for brands to be able to count on solid partners capable of innovating while able to handle the imponderable,” he observes.

Cosfibel operates 20 offices around the world that are called “urban networks.” “It is never easy to predict whether a product will be successful. It is sometimes necessary to urgently deliver replenishments in Asia because a promotion has been particularly successful. Only a first-class organization can do this,” Alain Chevassus explains. He plans to “not lose money without losing one’s soul.”

Has the COVID-19 pandemic reshuffled the cards? Alain Chevassus is cautious, but, as a connoisseur of his customers’ strategies, he imagines a restructuring of the market which will see diversified generalist players absorb specialists destabilized by the brutal decline of segments like travel retail.