Between mono-material creations and eco-responsibility, Cosfibel Premium’s new Spring/Summer 2023 Boxes collection is composed of 4 singular themes, declined in as many boxes, adaptable to your tastes. Zoom on this collection.

Monomaterial box

Monomaterial wood box, made of plywood wrapped with wood veneer

Clarity :

One piece, one color, one concept.
This theme was inspired by the great names of 1960s couture : Courrèges and Cardin, who emphasized pure and refined lines.

Here, we seek a balance between abstraction and elegance, but also between technology and well-being. This theme evokes sobriety, relevance and purity. The Venice box, made of wood only, plays with volume, construction and graphics. Its closing system is patented, without any additional material.


Monomaterial box

Monomaterial & plastic free box, made of paper greyboard & molded paper

Harmony :

This is the theme of dreamers, romantics and lucid, rural 2.0 who want to reenchant their daily life.

The key words of this theme are craftsmanship, charm and eco-positive creations. Harmony is a palette of calm and neutral colors, inspired by plants, fresh and soft.




Monomaterial box

Monomaterial & plastic free box, made of paper

Illusion :

Illusion is the fusion of the real and the artificial, where the world is reconfigured. A sort of third world, halfway between the metaverse and the real. We enter a new reality, a waking dream, filtered by fluorescent colors and bright clouds.

The Helsinki box set plays with colors, shapes, and reliefs to offer a condensed lightness and creativity. Moreover, its closing system does not use any magnets.


Monomaterial box

Monomaterial & plastic free box, made of paper

Celebration :

Authenticity and balance guide Celebration. This theme is informed by primal sensory, cultural treasures and Creole cultures.

The Praïa box fits perfectly into this theme with its jungle motif, colors and earthy, bright and festive tones. Its little extra ? A hidden QR code to add a personalized message or discover information about the product.



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Cosfibel Premium’s Spring/Summer 2023 accessories collection expresses a certain freedom, a wide choice of possibilities, reaffirming its commitment to an eco-responsible design approach. This collection is structured around 4 main themes, each of which highlights a current design trend. 


washable paper pouch

Pouch in washable paper and tencel

Harmony :

Harmony is the theme of dreamers by excellence, those who seek to recreate their own way of life, in perfect harmony between rural and urban environments. Neutral colors, an eco-responsible design, close to nature, for a functional and above all, adaptable style.

This theme highlights washable paper, a resistant material made of wood pulp, following Cosfibel’s eco-responsible approach. This material can be worked in different ways (sewing, embossing, printing), allowing multiple creations.


eco-responsible design

Case with flap closure

Clarity :

This monochromatic theme is inspired by the sixties with its straightforward and solid colors. Clarity refers to an anchoring in reality, where we assert ourselves, in search of the perfect balance between abstraction and elegance.

Its main color, fuchsia pink, matches perfectly with the neoprene and recycled jersey worked for this theme, bringing softness and comfort.



eco-responsible design

New format vanity

Celebration :

Celebration brings together those who are willing to live in total cohesion with each other in a multicultural world.

This theme is built around neutral tones and fine points of color that are only seen when you get close. A mix of linen, cotton and polyester with a unique pattern on each piece, imaging the multicultural spirit in a Japanese and aquatic side. A real melting pot, like an ode to tolerance and sharing.


recycled mesh case

Duo of recycled mesh case

Chemical Romance :

It is the theme of the hyper-positive, hyper-sensitive, who want to reinvent romance in their own way. Chemical Romance in 3 words is : pep, colorful, and fresh.

This theme offers vibrant colors with a fuchsia pink that is almost fluorescent, but also blue and yellow, very bright. The materials always have an eco-responsible design : a recycled mesh that brings a certain lightness while keeping a clean structure. The embroidered floral pattern represents the romantic side of this theme.



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After two years of pandemics that have undermined industrial activity and while sustainable development is at the heart of the issues, the pack & gift industry has to reinvent itself. In this context, Cosfibel Group relies on two strong values to respond with finesse to the demands of its customers and to assert itself as a leader in the transition of its industry: intimacy and creativity, the keystones of an efficient customer relationship and sustainable packaging innovation.

Through its various entities, Cosfibel listens to its customers and the needs they express in order to adapt its organisation and methods to meet their expectations with precision. A positioning that reveals a strong trend: the customer is at the initiative of the market transformation. We are moving away from the historical pattern of the passive consumer who undergoes trends to enter the era of the “customer 2.0” who dictates tomorrow’s trends through the expectations he or she claims. To sum up, the end consumer has new requirements (quality, materials, durability, lightness, etc.), which are passed on to our customers (the brands), who in turn pass them on to us so that we can finally implement them. This situation creates a virtuous circle of research and innovation, fed by the growing demand for sustainable packaging innovation.

sustainable packaging

Monomaterial, magnet-free, recyclable box by our design studio.

To respond to this new situation, Cosfibel is positioning itself as a leader in the consolidation and transformation of its market. This transformation must be designed to continue to fulfil our primary mission in a sustainable way: to help our customers create memorable consumer experiences. Secondary packaging, gifts, bags and accessories are all ways to bring magic to the discovery of the product and the brand. The strong demand for eco-responsible approaches is not intended to conflict with this mission, but rather to reinforce and perpetuate it.

In order to carry out this mission and respond to the necessary market transformations that our clients are expressing, every project begins with two key points:


  • Intimacy with the client allows us to be tailor-made: each packaging and each gift must tell its own story: the history of the brand, its identity, its values, its commitments.
  • Creativity allows us to surprise and make people dream: materials, design, closing systems (…): all these elements are a good opportunity to surprise, innovate, stimulate changes and create magic…

In addition to these two fundamental pillars, there is also security, which guarantees the successful completion of projects. We source the best materials and factories to support our customers by being as faithful as possible to their demands. To do this, we work with a hundred or so factories around the world, which have been audited beforehand to meet our quality criteria and those of our customers.

Among the other pillars that make up our core values, we have been investing in CSR since 2012. Since then, we have never stopped growing our commitment in this area: we are committed to reference labels, in particular as a partner of the Global Compact United Nations program, by being certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global ORGANIC Textile Standard) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or through our Fairtrade Max Havelaar cotton licence since 2019. In 2002, we received the highest recognition of this commitment with the award of the Platinum status of the Ecovadis label.

sustainable fine food box

A caramel cardboard and metal box produced in our factory in Belgium

Finally, we also rely heavily on innovation. Today, large groups are looking for impactful innovations to revitalise the pack & gift sector. Our vocation is to be at the forefront of this innovation in order to provide real added value in terms of advice and creative inspiration to our clients.

These key points (intimacy, creativity, safety, CSR, innovation) are at the heart of what the major cosmetics & fragrance groups expect from us. By focusing our strategy around these pillars, we are able to support ultra-luxury brands as well as brands present in parapharmacies, institutes or in the premium departments of perfume stores. In parallel to this multiple expertise, our international presence allows us to adapt our creations to all markets, from China to the USA, via the Middle East.

To ensure optimal control of the know-how specific to Europe, we have strengthened our offer thanks to our factories, which are the perfect illustration of the adaptation of manufacturing methods to the needs and desires of customers.

sustainable cardboard packaging

A range of recyclable cardboard boxes produces in our spanish factory

Thanks to our Cartec factory based in Belgium, we manage a 100% European RPET production, able to respond with unparalleled reactivity to various orders from the cosmetics and food industries. In this market segment, the observation is the same: customers’ expectations are evolving towards new, more eco-designed materials. This has led to a premiumisation of packaging: we are seeing a rise in orders from mass-market brands, which we are able to meet thanks to Cartec’s know-how and production capacity. Here again, the market is evolving hand in hand with our customers and in a “bottom-up” manner: from the customer to the brands and their production partners.

Grumbe, the group’s historic Spanish subsidiary, is another striking example of this market transformation that is as rapid as it is demanding: a specialist in plastics for decades, the brand-plant has reinvented itself around cardboard and multi-material creation, to meet the demands of the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

Marie-Claire Figadère, Grumbe’s Sales Director, talks about these market transformations:

Grumbe packaging

Marie-Claire Figadere, Commercial Director at Grumbe

“Born in the 1960s, Grumbe has succeeded in positioning itself as a leader in the plastic packaging sector at the height of the golden age of this material. Since 2019, at the instigation of our customers, we have been undergoing a strategic readjustment by positioning ourselves on multi-material expertise, in particular around cardboard, whose environmental impact is controlled and on which the sector is banking heavily. While cardboard represented 15% of our orders in 2019, we have made heavy investments in machines to accelerate this transition, with an immediate result that perfectly illustrates the demand for change on the part of our customers: in 2021, the share of cardboard will already exceed 50% of the total production carried out by Grumbe! Our order books are growing again as a result of this transition. This transformation has therefore been implemented to meet a strong demand, but has only been possible thanks to the close support of our customers who have taken up this challenge with us.”



* GRUMBE-Grupo Manipulador De Bolsas y Envases, S.L.: FSC-C120565

In the pack & gift industry, material innovation is today a fundamental pillar in the race for renewal and differentiation.


At Cosfibel, material engineers and designers work hand in hand to unearth tomorrow’s trends and identify materials that meet the ambitious standards of sustainability and creativity that constitute the group’s DNA. Among these promising innovations, washable paper stands out for its originality and workability. By focusing on this resource early on, Cosfibel is pioneering its use as a design material.

washable paper bag

Washable paper bags, pouches, cases… a new tool for professional packaging

Initially used as a replacement for leather on jeans labels, washable paper has now been diverted for creative purposes, becoming a raw material, particularly used in our «art of gifting» creations.

Its workability (it can be transformed at will: sewing, printing, embossing, etc.), its robustness and its unique feel offer a vast range of possibilities to our designers who have made it a major asset to feed the needs of differentiation and creativity of our customers. The ability of this material to develop a patina over time gives it a natural vintage look that is much appreciated by design teams and clients alike.

Halfway between packaging and bag, washable paper offers a surprising texture: a paper feel, but a tear-proof material, with an appearance similar to that of certain leathers. Its lightness and durability make it a very interesting tool for our designers, which is also ideal for use in a single material design.

Fully washable and very resistant, washable paper offers a lifespan far superior to that of most «competing» materials, and is thus part of a sustainable «upcyclable» logic due to its longevity and its capacity to be transformed or reused.

The binder can be based on natural latex and the paper pulp from which it is made can be produced in sustainably managed forests.

Washable paper, an innovative paper solution for your packagings, bags and wrappings

The latest «Summer 2023» collection by Cosfibel Group’s design studio is a good example of the vast creative scope that washable paper offers.

washable paper bags


This summery-looking bag is made entirely of washable paper (except for the handle).
The seam holds the flap in place discreetly, making it possible to dispense with a zip for equivalent strength. The elegant «ripple» effect of the backcloth is obtained by a debossing process that the washable paper supports perfectly.



washable paper

This creation, also from our Summer 2023 collection, offers a nice range of the different finishing techniques that washable paper allows. We find classic printing (the S and N of SUN) and a «bouclette» embroidery offering a nice relief to the U. The upper tongue is debossed to create this striated effect, the whole is sewn and the handle is obtained by a straight edge cut. This combination of finishing techniques gives rise to a creation that is both elegant and simple, for unrivalled resistance and durability.


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Faced with the various crisis that have been sowing turmoil in the world economy for more than two years, Cosfibel Group is working together to ensure its customers an unchanged quality of service in terms of cost, supply chain and logistics, while always remaining committed to limiting risks. Port or factory closures, confinements, raw material shortages, soaring costs and lead times (…) the health crisis and, more recently, the war in Ukraine are imposing major constraints on a pack & gift industry that is by nature based on international exchanges and permanent reactivity. To meet this major challenge, the group is implementing security plans orchestrated by purchasing and logistics teams who have redoubled their efforts to maintain the quality of service at the heart of Cosfibel’s DNA.

A solid network of partners to consolidate our supply chain and logistics

In a competitive and demanding pack & gift industry, the availability of resources, costs and deadlines are the key to optimal service quality. By mastering those variables, Cosfibel Group established itself as one of the European leaders in its market. To achieve this, the group has been building long-lasting relationships with reliable production partners around the world for more than twenty years.

Camille, the group’s Purchasing Manager, explains how this network guarantees maximum security: “We are able to offer ‘plan Bs’ at a single producer by relying on reliable partners located in different Chinese provinces. Our historical local partners offer different production sites, ensuring in-depth knowledge of the quality and expected know-how, as well as the ability to carry out an equivalent order in a different region than the one initially planned, while respecting the advertised prices, delivery times and quality. This major asset has enabled us to overcome the recent confinement of Shanghai.

This vast network of partners now allows the group to meet the same demand in different geographical areas with an equivalent quality of service. Cosfibel can thus rely on a network of local producers in Asia as well as in Europe or more recently in North and Central America. This is a major advantage for participating in the relocation of our industries and thus facing confinements, waiting times in ports or factories, or soaring raw material costs: in the event of a partner’s failure, complementary production can be carried out with agility at a factory elsewhere in the world.

Agility at the service of logistics

supply chain and logisticsKarima, Logistics Director at Cosfibel, comes back on the importance of this logistical flexibility: “By relying on this agility, we can also respond favorably to an increase in quantity, even at the last minute, both for boxes and for gifts. In the middle of a pandemic, our teams managed to triple an initial order of one million pieces, while respecting the costs and deadlines.

To overcome supply problems, we can also send raw materials to a manufacturer who would not be able to obtain them on his own, thus enabling him to complete the expected order.

In support of these guarantees, Cosfibel’s logistics teams negotiate commitments on container prices and secure space via a double contract set up with their logistics partners (two options for each departure).

Diversification of our production partners, a key of our supply chain

supply chain and logistics

“In parallel with this close relationship with our historical partners, we have been pursuing a policy of diversifying our sourcing as well as our production sites for several years. Our shortlist of

partners is expanding accordingly, in particular with new Asian countries that now have local know-how that was previously found only in China. This expansion policy further increases our capacity to carry out projects despite failures and unforeseen events,” explains Camille, Cosfibel’s Purchasing Director.

A local anchorage

Finally, Cosfibel also relies on technical and development teams around the world, notably in China, which allows it to overcome certain local constraints, whether they are temporary or long-lasting.

“Recently, the long delivery times to Hong Kong from China were the cause of delays in production. The presence of teams in Hong Kong and Shenzhen allowed us to get around these delays thanks to our local relays,” explains Camille, the group’s purchasing director.

The legendary tercentenary whisky house has entrusted Cosfibel with the production of two boxes, with an ambitious objective: to reflect Finn Thomson’s historical heritage and the strong values that have forged its prestige: innovation, audacity and creativity.

The brief that Finn & Thomson entrusted to Cosfibel reflects the core identity of the brand : sharing the «uncasking» experience. That timeless moment when the whisky has reached its prime, when the barrel is opened and its contents unlocked forever. wine and spirit

The core and rare ranges packagings play on the subtle evocation of the concept of uncasking, working the metaphor of the barrel through the lines, colours and materials used.

wine and spiritThe core range packaging offers a unique concept of card based tube : a 100% recyclable nonagon tube with a card base, echoing the brand’s iconic 9-sided bottle.

A side for each chapter in the Thomson whisky story, coming together like staves in a cask.

This nonagon concept and the history it carries is also declined in the rare range, an exceptional single casks aged for at least 30 years from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.

This luxurious box is made of MDF (middle density fibers) sublimated by a golden metal ring as an opening and closing system.


If you want to discover more about our wine and spirit creations, click here!

In an industry that is seeking to reinvent itself, packaging innovation and research & development are at the heart of the issues. Cosfibel Group has created a dedicated innovation division (link to design and innovation), which works intelligently with all its departments to assert itself as a major player in the transition towards sustainable packaging.

“Green is the true chic”: the 4Rs, the golden rules of sustainable packaging innovation

Our designers, supported by the research and packaging innovation teams, aim to offer creations that meet the most modern eco-responsibility criteria. This ambition is based on 4 fundamental pillars:



Reduce: less material, less transformation, less transport, less CO2(…): reduction is a key point of packaging innovation. Single-material creations are one of the best illustrations of this. Our teams are developing collections of top-of-the-range boxes made of 100% recycled cardboard.




recycle Recycling: Our engineers, R&D departments and designers work together to offer recyclable and/or recycled packaging solutions: Recycled PET, recycled polycotton, use of metal and long life cycle materials…




reuseReuse: the reusability aspect is one of the main focuses of research in packaging innovation. The replacement of single-use objects and materials with reusable equivalents is at the heart of our creations.




rethinkRethink: packaging innovation is at the heart of our activity. Cosfibel Premium has filed numerous patents on sustainable packaging concepts: zipperless and magnetless closure systems, single-material boxes, etc. Our teams carry out constant research to avoid the use of fossil plastics and materials with a high impact on the environment (water, CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions…).




Discover all our actions in favor of the environment here and our environmental and social policy on our dedicated page.

Since 2012, Cosfibel Premium, a global supplier of packaging solutions and promotional gifts in the beauty sector, has brought together under the CARES program (Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sustainability) all the actions and efforts implemented in terms of ethics, safety, social and environmental policies. With a growing level of requirements and increasingly precise measures, Cosfibel Premium is determined to be at the forefront of social and environmental progress, as well as packaging innovation, spearheading more virtuous practices.

The CARES program has 3 major objectives :
– Implement best environmental practices internally as well as with our suppliers and partners, positioning Cosfibel Premium as a leader in the transition to sustainable packaging and an eco-responsible pack & gift industry.
– Guarantee dignified working conditions and respect for irreproachable ethics throughout the production chain, in accordance with Cosfibel’s values.
– Coordinate and develop our international solidarity actions & promote social progress.

“At Cosfibel, we place respect for people and nature at the top of our values. To bring these values to life, we implement concrete, audited and measurable actions to continuously improve our environmental impact and help make our pack & gift industry more inclusive and progressive. This culture infuses the entire group and applies to all our departments: design, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, packaging innovation (link to our “design and innovation” page), R&D…” explains Laurence, CSR and sourcing director of Cosfibel Group.

Towards responsible packaging innovation : an ambitious environmental and human policy

CARES steers Cosfibel Premium’s environmental policy by ensuring that its employees, partners and suppliers follow good practices. These practices are audited and certified by eco-labels that reinforce this dual environmental and social commitment :


FAIRTRADE MAX HAVELAAR: The Fairtrade Max Havelaar® license for cotton items guarantees a fair income for cotton pickers and opposes the abusive use of chemicals or use of GMO and guarantee traceability and FAITRADE level from cotton field up to Cosfibel.



ecovadisIn 2022, the Ecovadis Platinum label, which rewards the top 1% of the most virtuous companies, has been awarded to Cosfibel Premium after years of work and research to make it a reference in terms of sustainable packaging innovation.



GOTS is a eco and social certified supply chain and label for organic textile production which guarantee traceability from the first industrial process up to Cosfibel.



In parallel, the CARES program centralizes the calculation of CO2 emissions and organizes their compensation. Every year Cosfibel do offset its scope 1 Co2 emissions and again in 2O21, all Scope 1 CO2 emissions were offset thanks to our commitment to a reforestation project in Brazil.

Through CARES Academy, our CSR teams are also committed to ensuring that our production partners adopt these values and practices. A training program on environmental, ethical and social issues has been deployed in Europe, Asia and Africa (in French, English and Mandarin) on a wide range of topics : waste management and optimization, recycling, green energy, health and safety at work, etc.

Finally, Cosfibel Premium implements, via the CARES program, solidarity actions in favor of vulnerable populations.

Laurence, CSR and Sourcing Director, explains : “With CARES, we organize a solidarity program that we strengthen every year, particularly in favor of migrant workers and orphans in China. Since 2016, we have been working with partner factories that employ former migrant workers, enabling them to live with their families. We have also developed the “Toy program”: we make toys from production scraps, which are distributed in Chinese orphanages. Finally, we promote women and their autonomy through our internal recruitment policy and by working primarily with business partners led by women.” 

Visit our CSR page here!

The Cosfibel Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie SERMADIRAS as the New Chief Executive Officer of all its operational subsidiaries, effective Jan 3rd, 2022.


Marie SERMADIRAS, 32, had joined Cosfibel in May 2021, as Executive Vice-President, to prepare her transition to full operational leadership.

She will report to her predecessor, the group’s Executive Chairman, Alain CHEVASSUS, who founded Cosfibel in 2001 and has been the company’s main shareholder since then.

In 2021, the COSFIBEL group reached a turnover close to 85 million USD$, slightly above 2019’s results, reinforcing its market share while preserving its profitability.

The group is expecting a strong 2022 with an ambitious objective of reaching the 100 million USD$ turnover milestone, with a strong focus on high-value-added markets such as cosmetics, wine & spirits and fine food.

Marie SERMADIRAS’s main mission will be to build the path for profitable and sustainable growth, structuring Cosfibel to become a Midcap player on its market. This growth will mainly rely on a double-digit organic growth, supported by external acquisitions that will depend on opportunities created in complementary niche markets.


Marie SERMADIRAS will count on the support of two historical key leaders of the organization who will continue to sit at the Executive Committee of the company:

  • Stanislas PERONNET, Deputy Managing Director, who has been recently entrusted with a new strategic mission of leading all innovation & sustainability topics for the group;
  • Natali SPASENIC, Corporate CFO in charge of Finance, management control and Administration.

Alain CHEVASSUS is delighted about this new chapter Cosfibel is starting with Marie SERMADIRAS’s appointment and declares:

“I met Marie by a happy coincidence three years ago. The last seven months of common work confirmed my conviction that Marie’s entrepreneurial spirit, past successes and enthusiastic team spirit would be strong assets for Cosfibel. I am particularly proud to pass the torch to a 32-year-old female leader who will – thanks to her modernity – be able to face today’s world challenges and successfully serve our clients, our teams and our shareholders.

Marie SERMADIRAS declares: « I am proud to have been entrusted by Alain and am very excited about joining such a competent, expert and passionate team. We have absolutely all the assets needed to open a successful new chapter for Cosfibel, thanks to a strong corporate culture combined with healthy foundations. I look forward to developing the company further with a clear ambition to accelerate our diversification and modernization.

About Cosfibel

For two decades, Cosfibel has been leading the European pack and gift industry. Its teams breed imagination to nurture design, cultivate intimacy to deeply sense customer’s needs and champion the technical multi-material expertise to bring the unexpected to life. Thanks to its innovative approach of “make & trade” and the complementarity of its various brands (Cosfibel Premium, Shopluxe, BoîteAlu, MMB, Cartec, Grumbe, Laser & Packfactory), the Cosfibel group quickly became its clients’ preferred one-stop-shop partner, providing tailored and turnkey multi-materials packs, gifts & merchandising accessories.

About Marie Sermadiras

After graduating with Honors from HEC Paris, Marie started her career as an entrepreneur at the age of 22. Her company – Treatwell – quickly became the leading booking platform for beauty services in France and draw the attention of Recruit, a Japanese listed company, that bought Treatwell and hired Marie Sermadiras as the CEO of their French subsidiary. After this entrepreneurial experience, Marie was appointed Global Chief Digital Officer of L’Oréal Active Cosmetics, the fastest-growing division of the L’Oréal group, becoming the youngest member of an Executive Committee within the group. In 2021, she joins Cosfibel for a new entrepreneurial adventure, discovering the challenges of SMEs, after three successful experiences in start-up, scale-up and big international corporation ecosystems.

Cosfibel creates a coffret for Penhaligon’s


For Christmas 2020, Cosfibel has developed a coffret with an English heritage and a cut-out decoration for the Quercus cologne by Penhaligon’s, the famous London fragrance house.

Globally launched in the runup to the holiday season, this limited edition was an instant hit. Based on a simple cardboard structure with a base and lid, Cosfibel played with a subtle litho-laminated cutout decor onto the sides of the box, representing a truck of the time. The printed motifs are highlighted using elegant hot stamping and protected with a mat coating.

Sustainable production

In tandem with the choice of a cardboard coffret, the internal chock is made from transparent RPET shaped to fit the bottle. It is coated with printed paper in the same shade as the outer box.

This development involved meticulous attention to detail, from the hand gluing of the different parts to the protection of the structure during the various production stages, from design to logistics.