Cosfibel CARES, a player in sustainable, ethical and responsible packaging innovation

Since 2012, Cosfibel Premium, a global supplier of packaging solutions and promotional gifts in the beauty sector, has brought together under the CARES program (Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sustainability) all the actions and efforts implemented in terms of ethics, safety, social and environmental policies. With a growing level of requirements and increasingly precise measures, Cosfibel Premium is determined to be at the forefront of social and environmental progress, as well as packaging innovation, spearheading more virtuous practices.

The CARES program has 3 major objectives :
– Implement best environmental practices internally as well as with our suppliers and partners, positioning Cosfibel Premium as a leader in the transition to sustainable packaging and an eco-responsible pack & gift industry.
– Guarantee dignified working conditions and respect for irreproachable ethics throughout the production chain, in accordance with Cosfibel’s values.
– Coordinate and develop our international solidarity actions & promote social progress.

“At Cosfibel, we place respect for people and nature at the top of our values. To bring these values to life, we implement concrete, audited and measurable actions to continuously improve our environmental impact and help make our pack & gift industry more inclusive and progressive. This culture infuses the entire group and applies to all our departments: design, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, packaging innovation (link to our “design and innovation” page), R&D…” explains Laurence, CSR and sourcing director of Cosfibel Group.

Towards responsible packaging innovation : an ambitious environmental and human policy

CARES steers Cosfibel Premium’s environmental policy by ensuring that its employees, partners and suppliers follow good practices. These practices are audited and certified by eco-labels that reinforce this dual environmental and social commitment :


FAIRTRADE MAX HAVELAAR: The Fairtrade Max Havelaar® license for cotton items guarantees a fair income for cotton pickers and opposes the abusive use of chemicals or use of GMO and guarantee traceability and FAITRADE level from cotton field up to Cosfibel.



ecovadisIn 2022, the Ecovadis Platinum label, which rewards the top 1% of the most virtuous companies, has been awarded to Cosfibel Premium after years of work and research to make it a reference in terms of sustainable packaging innovation.



GOTS is a eco and social certified supply chain and label for organic textile production which guarantee traceability from the first industrial process up to Cosfibel.



In parallel, the CARES program centralizes the calculation of CO2 emissions and organizes their compensation. Every year Cosfibel do offset its scope 1 Co2 emissions and again in 2O21, all Scope 1 CO2 emissions were offset thanks to our commitment to a reforestation project in Brazil.

Through CARES Academy, our CSR teams are also committed to ensuring that our production partners adopt these values and practices. A training program on environmental, ethical and social issues has been deployed in Europe, Asia and Africa (in French, English and Mandarin) on a wide range of topics : waste management and optimization, recycling, green energy, health and safety at work, etc.

Finally, Cosfibel Premium implements, via the CARES program, solidarity actions in favor of vulnerable populations.

Laurence, CSR and Sourcing Director, explains : “With CARES, we organize a solidarity program that we strengthen every year, particularly in favor of migrant workers and orphans in China. Since 2016, we have been working with partner factories that employ former migrant workers, enabling them to live with their families. We have also developed the “Toy program”: we make toys from production scraps, which are distributed in Chinese orphanages. Finally, we promote women and their autonomy through our internal recruitment policy and by working primarily with business partners led by women.” 

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